Technical Safety BC and BC Hydro Information Sharing Agreement

To improve safety and make it easier for customers with electrical service connection requirements to do business with us, BC Hydro and Technical Safety BC recently entered into an information sharing agreement. This agreement was endorsed by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC. Both organizations will now be able to better verify that the electrical work done at a site or address is safe before proceeding with the service connections.

What’s changing?

BC Hydro will no longer require you to provide copies of your Technical Safety BC permits on the BC Hydro customer portal or by email.

If you use the BC Hydro portal, you can now complete your connection request fully online without the need to attach documents. Simply provide your Technical Safety BC or municipal permit number with the date inspection was passed.

What’s staying the same?

Other BC Hydro and Technical Safety BC requirements and processes are unchanged:

  • A valid permit must be taken out with Technical Safety BC, or the applicable municipality. Permits with the old BC Safety Authority name are still valid and part of Technical Safety BC’s permitting service.
  • A BC Hydro Declaration is still be required on BC Hydro’s customer portal or by email.
  • Situations where you are required to provide a copy of the Technical Safety BC permit on site remain the same. This includes reconnections issued through BC Hydro’s trouble center.

What improvement is expected?

Technical Safety BC will be able to better identify cases where safety could be compromised at a site, and take the appropriate actions to avoid immediate and future unsafe situations.

What is the benefit of sharing information?

Technical Safety BC is now informed when BC Hydro issues a service connection related order to field crews, and pertinent details regarding the connection request are provided. Technical Safety BC will review the details and will contact BC Hydro to put a hold on a service connection request for the following situations:

  • Non-compliance with the safety act and regulations
  • No permit taken out
  • An incorrect permit number
  • False contact information
  • An unlicensed electrical contractor or uncertified FSR

Technical Safety BC will also determine if a hold needs to be in place where no service connection declaration (inspection request) has been sent to Technical Safety BC.

What are the requirements for electrical service connection?

A service connection declaration to Technical Safety BC is required as per the Electrical Safety Regulation 17.5(b) and 19.4(b). This is to declare that the work done at the site is safe and meets regulations. A similar declaration is required for some municipalities who issue their own permits and perform service connections.

BC Hydro requires that all requests for electrical service connections be submitted by a valid field safety representative (FSR) or electrical contractor, and that a valid permit has been taken out to perform the work at the site. You also need to submit a BC Hydro Declaration to confirm your compliance with BC Hydro standards and requirements.

Additional information
For questions related to BC Hydro connection, contact an Express Connect Coordinator at: or 1 877 520 1355

For any safety-related service connection holds, please contact us.

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