Transportation Safety Board Releases Report on Lac-Mégantic

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) has issued its final report (Railway Investigation Report R13D0054) on their understanding of what occurred at the fatal railway event in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. The city of Lac-Mégantic was devastated by a runaway train comprised of oil tanker cars that derailed and exploded killing 47 people on July 6, 2013.

While the report said "no one individual, a single action or a single factor" caused the derailment, it alluded to a failure in the safety system of the railway, Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA). TSB noted in its report that there were “signs in MMA’s operations that were indicative of a weak organizational safety culture.”

Among the problems identified at MMA were gaps in training, employee monitoring and maintenance practices.

BC Safety Authority (BCSA) has continued to stress that the training and supervision of railway workers is paramount to ensure safe railway operations. Further, it has focused its assessment efforts over the last three years to help industry understand how important it is and their responsibility to make sure it happens. We are continuously working with railway clients to support their training needs and understandings.

To see the full report, visit the Transportation Safety Board website.

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