Update: ASTTBC Request for Recognition of Training for Limited Scope Electrical Workers

In 2011, BC Safety Authority was asked to provide recognition of training programs administered by the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). Under the Safety Standards Act, the Provincial Safety Manager has an obligation to review all applications for the recognition of training programs; decisions regarding the merits of an application must be based on considerations related to safety.

The application for recognition of ASTTBC programs is in three areas: electrical technologist or technician; electronics or biomedical technologist or technician; and registered fire protection technician. Recognition of the training does not interfere in any way with the ability of other qualified workers to perform the same work, such as electrical trades workers under the Red Seal program. The ASTTBC program supports national safety standards by requiring that individuals who have been performing this limited electrical work for many years confirm they have received proper training for that scope of work. Completion of the training programs will allow technologists and technicians to perform those aspects of electrical work that are related to the work normally performed within their professions.

After the initial review of ASTTBC’s application, the Provincial Safety Manager was satisfied that all electrical safety aspects of this limited scope work would be sufficiently covered under the proposed program and approval was granted subject to some conditions. BCSA will not recognize these training credentials until all conditions have been satisfied. As with all permissions granted by BC Safety Authority, there will be continual oversight of performance.

The review process has provided opportunities for stakeholder feedback through the BC Safety Authority’s Electrical Technology Advisory Committee, a special meeting and through the BC Safety Authority website. The ongoing review process continues to seek feedback through the Electrical Technology Advisory Committee. 

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