Using or supplying temporary construction heaters

Do you use or supply vented and ventless temporary construction heaters? Be familiar with Directive No: D-G5 070215 3 - Requirements for vented and ventless construction/temporary heaters. This directive clarifies requirements for this equipment as well as qualifications required for those who install or commission them. Companies that use or distribute this type of equipment must comply with sections 4 and 5 of the Gas Safety Regulation.

Here are some highlights of the directive:

If you are a rental company supplying this type of equipment, the renter must be provided with instructions for the following:

  • replacement of tanks and cylinders;
  • operation of the construction heater;
  • specific tools to be used;
  • clearances required from combustible materials;
  • shutting off the construction heater;
  • checking for leaks;
  • moving the construction heater to various locations.

An appropriate commercial installation permit for each site utilizing temporary heating appliances is required when the fuel supply for a ventless, portable temporary heater(s) is provided by a gas piping system. Work must be performed by a qualified person as stated in section 5 of the Gas Safety Regulation.

Changes in technology and air quality requirements allow some temporary heating equipment to be used indoors and vented to the outside.

  • These types of equipment must be installed by an individual qualified in accordance with sections 5, 6 and 7 of the Gas Safety Regulation.
  • A temporary heat installation permit in accordance with section 17 of the Safety Standards General Regulation is required.

Temporary heater decal
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Note that these appliances require a valid temporary heater decal affixed to each unit. As indicted in section  31 of the Gas Safety Regulations: (3) A person must not use a portable heater for temporary heating unless the heater bears a current decal, valid for 2 years, applied by a gas fitter certifying as to its safety and operation.

Decals can only be purchased if you have a valid portable heating supply operating permit or a gas contractor’s licence. Each unit must be Canadian certified and deemed to be in a safe and correct operating condition by a recognized qualified individual prior to the decal being attached.

For more detailed information, read the Directive No: D-G5 070215 3 - Requirements for vented and ventless construction/temporary heaters.

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