Worker injured while inspecting a water slide

A worker was recently injured during a daily inspection of a waterslide. This incident occurred on a 32-inch-diameter enclosed waterslide that spanned from inside a building, going outdoors and then back inside the building. The waterslide was turned off and no water had been flowing down the slide. However, because of the temperature and the fact that part of the waterslide went outside the building, a light layer of condensation had developed on the sliding surface. If the required safety equipment is used when inspecting a slide, this condensation does not normally present a problem. However, in this case the worker did not take all of the safety precautions and sustained injury on this slippery surface.

Daily inspections are conducted before a waterslide opens for public, following the requirements of the waterslides’ manufacturers and requirements of the CSA Z267-00 Safety Code for Amusement Rides and Devices. A visual inspection of the sliding surface is included in the daily inspection and this is performed by walking or crawling along the sliding surface, usually from the top of the waterslide, going downwards.

The trained person performing the inspection should have appropriate equipment such as rubber-soled deck shoes, rubber-palmed anti-slip gloves, knee pads, a headlamp or flashlight, and a towel for removing excess moisture.

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