Working towards railway consultant and contractor licensing and certification

BC Safety Authority has begun the process of developing a safety program that will require railway consultants and contractors to be licensed and meet standards of qualifications to be able to work with, and on, provincial railways.

Many provincial railways are heavily reliant on consultants and contractors for training, education and maintenance. BCSA audits provincial railways and has discovered that some of the materials and services being provided to provincial railways are sub-par or non-compliant to provincial standards and regulations.

While some have experience working in the railway industry or have taken rules classes, there may still be a skills gap when it comes to developing and teaching safety-related materials.

BCSA looks forward to working with the industry, consultants and contractors to develop criteria and standards for persons wishing to train, educate and work in British Columbia’s railway industry once legislative changes occur to support this program.

In the meantime, BCSA has published a matrix to help provincial railway personnel make the right choices for consultant and contractor services.

Stay tuned for more information as the program is developed. If you would like more information about the Railway Safety Program at BC Safety Authority, email

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