Yellow or orange? Is my sealant compliant?

Don’t worry about the colour. There is no requirement under CAN/ULC S642: Standard for Compounds and Tapes for Threaded Pipe Joints and CSA’s B149.1-10 Natural gas and propane installation code that mandates colour.

However, there is pertinent information to be aware of from both CAN.ULC S642 and B149.1.

According to CAN.ULC S642, the sealant’s container should show the following information:

  • The manufacturer's name or identification and address;
  • The trade name, catalogue designation or other distinctive marking which serves to identify the product; and
  • Identification of the intended application and rated service pressure for which the product has been investigated and found to be suitable, such as alcohol, alcohol fuel blends, natural gas and methane, oxygen, petroleum distillates, propane and butane, steam, and water (potable and non-potable).

It should be noted that manufacturers should be aware that the authority having jurisdiction may also require that the mark of the certifying agency be included on each product.

The standard also requires the following:

  • Instructions for applying the product shall be supplied on or with the product container. The printed letters shall be not less than 1.5 mm high.
  • Where a product is intended for use on limited sizes of pipe fittings, the maximum size shall be marked. All markings shall be legible and permanent.

CSA B149.1 references CAN.ULC S642; stating “when a jointing sealant is used, it shall be certified to CAN/ULC-S642 and shall be applied to the male threads of a metal pipe. Tape shall be stretched and applied in a clockwise direction, with a 50% overlap leaving the first two starter threads bare.”

If you have any questions, contact your local Technical Safety BC gas safety officer or call 1 866 566 7233 and we will have a gas safety officer get in touch with you.

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