EDMC: Continuing education extension





Those applying to renew their Elevating Devices Mechanic certificate in early 2021 have encountered barriers to completing their continuing education requirements.

These barriers include:

  • Not knowing where to find approved training
  • Lack of approved training courses
  • Not knowing if the training they received from an employer is approved

In acknowledgement of these barriers, we are issuing a one-time extension on continuing education requirements, for all mechanics whose certificates expire before August 2021.

This extension is not a renewal application extension. All mechanics must still submit their renewal application before their certificate’s expiry date in order to qualify for the extension on continuing education requirements.

For eligible mechanics, this is how the one-time extension will work:

  1. Apply to renew your certificate before its expiry date. You can do this via a webform, available through your online services account.
  2. Before you submit your webform, you will be reminded of the total hours required for renewal. Submit your application anyway.
  3. After submitting your application, you will receive an invoice. Once paid, you will receive a payment receipt that will serve as a temporary certificate.
  4. On your payment receipt, there will be a note advising you that you have until August 2 2021 to submit proof of your continuing education training directly to elevator.mechanic.certification@technicalsafetybc.ca.
  5. Submit proof of your continuing education training before the extension deadline. Refer to our renewal page and our training providers page for information on how you can complete these requirements.

Note that certificates expiring after the extension deadline, August 2 2021, are not eligible for the extension and these renewal applications will be processed as per usual. The reason we have created an extension for those renewing earlier in the year is because the barrier mechanics are currently facing, such as a lack of approved training providers, will not be an issue later in the year.

In that regard, the intention of this extension is to also give training providers more time to apply for course recognition. As described in the Directive: Elevating Devices Mechanic Continuing Education Requirements, all training must be approved by Technical Safety BC in order to qualify as continuing education.

Nav Chahal
Manager, Transportation, Regulatory Leadership