2019 - 2021 BUSINESS PLAN



In 2018, we focused on technical safety risk analysis, safety system advancement, and an integrated approach to BC’s technical safety in several ways.

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Constructed fault trees that identified causal factors leading to ammonia releases, carbon monoxide exposures, and escalator brake failures, and developed and deployed tactics to address these factors.

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Improved systems for tracking and following up on key safety system records and increasing the number of high-volume services delivered online.

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Utilized machine-assisted assessment to enable employee focus on high-value safety products for clients and the public, supporting better-informed decision-making and increasing the efficacy of tools used to predict outcomes.

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Increased the amount of Technical Safety BC data and information shared with other organizations.

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Implemented a continuous improvement process that identified organizational opportunities to closely align with our strategic goals while creating positive impact for both clients and employees.


Obtained authority to administer the Safety Standards Act in the electrical and gas technologies on Port of Vancouver lands within the City of Vancouver.

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Started developing processes to administer a new class of contractor license for pressure welders which was introduced through regulation in 2018.

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Launched a review and consultation process towards a modernized amusement device safety oversight program.

By coupling our understanding of client needs with our ability to deliver innovative technology tools, we will enable our clients to make safety-minded decisions and meet safety requirements more efficiently. Leveraging data analytics and sharing insights, we will make it easier for clients to manage technical safety and for employees to focus on work that provides the most value for safety.