Monetary Penalty Calculator

Find out what monetary penalties are and how much non-compliance amount to.  

What are monetary penalties?

A monetary penalty is a sanction under the Safety Standards Act, which aims to influence positive behaviour change and increase the level of participation in the safety system.

When could I face monetary penalties?

Technical Safety BC safety managers may impose monetary penalties on people who fail to comply with the regulations laid out in the Safety Standards Act.

How much will I have to pay?

Technical Safety BC may issue monetary penalties up to a maximum of $100,000.

Legislation determines the factors that safety managers must consider before imposing monetary penalties. These include:

  • Previous enforcement actions under the Safety Standards Act for contraventions of a similar nature;
  • The extent of the harm, or of the degree of risk of harm, to others as a result of the contravention;
  • Whether the contravention was deliberate;
  • Whether the contravention was repeated or continuous;
  • The length of time during which the contravention continued; and
  • Any economic benefit derived by the person from the contravention

Monetary Penalties Calculator

These criteria are incorporated into our online calculator which is used by safety managers to inform and support their decisions. We have made our Monetary Penalties Calculator available online to encourage transparency and to allow everybody to understand how decisions are made and how much non-compliance could amount to.

View the Monetary Penalty Calculator.