SSA Amendments – Registry and Advertising Changes Feedback summary: Appendix B

Verbatim comments about including identifying information in advertising


ResponseID Response
28 no comment
29 If all contractors are playing by the same rules, the impact on my business will probably be neutral.
32 All my Customers tell me that I,m the best Electrician in the country! No need to advertise!!
35 This is a pointless regulation. What purpose does it possible serve?
36 No
40 This would help out of province and unlicensed workers to stop competing with competent organizations 
42 How would this be policed?
43 The contractors registered name is adequate and a a statement saying " licensed contractor " Having registration numbers on it can lead to other negative issues 
46 It is important to easily identify those that are licensed to undertake regulated work. It will be much easier to "spot" check advertisements for validity.
47 Ya so since you're changing the rules either you pay for all my big signs and banners to include my license number or it's not getting changed. By the way that will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. So I'm going to need that upfront prior to agreeing to any rule changes. Additionally you will need to pay for a graphic designer to change my websites 
50 Start right away and hit social media, maybe give incentives for reporting illegal advertising or referrals
51 I do not think publicly posting publicly contractor & gas fitter numbers is appropriate at all due to fraud. I'm not comfortable at all with this. I think a better way to do this is to educate the public to ask for credentials. This would also eliminate apprentices from doing service calls & installations unsupervised.  
54 Stop trying to regulate how a company advertises.  I believe the owner takes responsibility for hiring a reliable qualified contractor and if they are concerned, ask for credentials.
56 Home Depot & any other outlets such as appliance stores should not be permitted to sell any gas products to customers without seeing a gas contractor license. Supplying a contractors list is not sufficient in my opinion. This is an area where non permitted work flourishes and is out of control ! 
59 These changes are what a lot of qualified contractors are looking for and those opposing these changes are most likely the businesses that aren't qualified to do the work they are advertising. Most importantly we need to require permits and licence numbers on all residential air conditioning installations. 
65 Hopefully this is a step in the direction of reducing the lack of quality in the industry.
66 This has bee a requirement in the past for as long as i can remember in the industry. Why is it even being brought up and what if any has there been any enforcement of those not complying?
67 Ensuring companies meet proper safety requirements is part of our purchasing process. Advertising does not effect it.  I wonder how technical safety would monitor advertising?
68 there are a lot of companies that cut cost by using non csa product, or knock off product that looks similar, but are not aprproved by the manufacturer  of the product 
72 You should do it earlier.
73 For question 9, I choose 1 year.  This would allow for any advertising contracts that are all in place.  EG: Yellow Pages Content, especially print directories. 
75 It would help level the field and remove non qualified contractors 
76 We already have a trade name and am a registered electrical contractor. I see these changes will only help enforcement in regard to persons not registered. This whole process is not needed for any registered company
77  Keep up the good work
79 Transparency is crucial component to maintaining quality and safety standards across multiple industries. Being able to easily confirm a contractor/business's qualifications and certifications will allow consumers and contractors alike make sound, safe choices.
80 Review will be needed regarding large scale industrial operations where work is only completed on company owned assets.  i.e. the company is not completing work outside of their own assets.  These companies should be exempt from advertising requirements.
84 too many "handyman" ads out here.
88 Questions 8 and 9 are an example of just how far would/can this go, or be enforced? It seems a bit silly trying to regulate this, even though, it is VERY important that people in any trade not perform work they are not qualified to do.
89 Get that definition out so I know how to answer the first part of the survey.  If one is a lousy electrical contractor and have lots and lots of non-compliances then that would affect one's business if the information is released to the public.  It is hard to know though how one or two incidents might affect the business.  If compliance means something else then I have to know what the definition is before I can answer this survey.  If I am allowed only one kick at this survey then I have already blown it as I had no definitions
90 It's easy to come after qualified contractor's but I feel technical safety should be enforcing that no handyman or renovations companies perform regulated work
92 Those who are good contractors; do good trades work should be known to the public.  Same with the bad
93 Requiring your license number on ads would eliminate unqualified persons. 
95 My pet peave with TSBC is the fact that I have seen, and reported work performed without supervision. In the Vancouver/Lower Mainland/Fraser valley there are people working without supervision. I personally myself have never been carded as either and electrician or as a contractor by any B.C. safety or now technical safety inspector. I do not, and I don't, feel anybody that is not indentured as an electrician should be allowed to wire a house, let alone anything else. This includes home owners under permit wiring a house. Company's out there are using general labourers to wire while they are off doing something else. Reporting this does no good as by the time the ESO gets to checking this the job is done. You keep raising the permit values, charging for FSR's licensing that use to be for life, contractors licensing how about hitting projects in progress and checking qualifications for required supervision
96 The reason that there is so much "un permitted" work is because of the permit cost. I give Mrs Jones a price to do a small job and tell them the permit fee. Guess what the un licensed person gets the call. We used to have a system in place where work under XX amount required a dec only. I have repeatedly brought this up at Tech talks....crickets.... you guys are driving this work underground
101 I like the idea of showing license. But I feel the best way to go about this is to have wholesalers that sell the products as for contractor license as well.  Too many people are able to buy products without license and when they do have a license they opt out of pulling permits for job.  Is there anyway that upon buying gas products they also provide a permit number before the wholesalers sell to them?
105 I'm very soon retiring, so I don't really care, and I'm very sick and tired of every posible type of  government agencies constantly wanting surveys to be done. I am a tradesman who takes pride in doing quality installations, not frigging stupid paper work and surveys, got it.
110 I believe that the customer should have the information on a contractor or trades person to be able to ascertain whether or not they have engaged in any unregulated work. 
111 The BC Safety Standards Act explicitly states that regulated work shall be conducted by ONLY those who hold designated training and qualifications to do so.  It only makes sense that companies or individuals advertising for work in these regulated fields are identified as being qualified and licenced to do the work they are advertising for.
114 no
116 Advertisements should be mouth to mouth.  I mien if you do good job people recombed you to their friend and other.
120 as qualified, regulated profession, identifying with the profession and accepting responsibility, etc. is a requirement of all professions.
127 Should never have been eliminated in the first place.
128 It will set the business's who are serious from the fly by night competition apart where it should be.
129 There needs to be consequences for non compliance
131 it is better for the consumer to know who is licensed and who isn't.  
132 Let's get it started.
133 I have used contractors who have not willingly produced their license
135 Other than costing more its pointless, no way to police it. non regulated work will not 
137 People who are not registered to do regulated work and are caught doing regulated work should also be named, personally and corporately, so as to hold them accountable and so as to warn the public if the public is concerned.
138 customer know my business is legit and I am professional 
142 There will always be scammers out there.  you must teach the people.  a scammer could put in a fake number that looks real.  there is no way you can enforce this
149 It would be best if the safety authority ran an advertising campaign. They once did an awareness program for the public to be aware of the importance of regulated electrical work; or more so, unregulated work 
159 Many businesses observe cutting corners from one trade to another. Ie gas fitters installing heat pumps without electrical permit, or electrical contractor involvement
160 I don't understand why this is an issue. It was part of the regs years ago, to have your license number on any advertising. When was it changed as a requirement? 
161 Clients feel more comfortable and safe with qualified and licensed trades persons.
162 Our GST/HST#/Contractor's Licence has always been on our Stationary. If myself and my business has to adhere to Technical Safety BC regulations and fees: then all other companies should too.
163 I think it would be useful to distinguish accredited contractors. But I would be concerned about fraudulent use of a contractors licence number being publicly available. This is why I would support another unique number that could not be used to pull a permit or be liable for misuse or misrepresentation. 
172 Many Many uncertified "electricians" and moonlighting apprentices advertising services for very cheaply and undercutting the industry.
173 i would like to see handyman types not advertising for work that should be done by TQ people.
175 Positively in the sense that contractors should be licensed and ticketed before working on gas in my opinion.  Surprised this is not a mandate already.  A lot of Companies already register with Fortis as certified.  Wouldn't be much different then that.  It would protect consumers and business's overall.  The success of this proposal would be educating the public about what they should expect when hiring a gas fitter.  If the public cannot be folded in to this proposal i don't believe it will be successful at weeding out un-ticketed companies and will be a zero sum with regards to questions 12 & 13 so that would not be how i would answer those if this could not be implemented
177 I believe this is going to be toothless. Handymen will continue to advertise doing it all. Further, this would require a media blitz that will be expensive and still wouldn't stop some homeowners from going with a smooth talking handyman. Where would this money come from? Doubling our fees? My nose is already out of joint re: SFR fee. To give it any teeth at all, you would actually have to "fine" the home owner if they allow unregulated work. 
178 May prevent a number company having more than one name
180 Having a worksafe certificate or number would also be well received as well as proof of liability insurance.  Most one man contractor's do not have either.
181 More has to be done to enforce non license holder and license holders that do not know the code  My wife works for a fireplace company and she tells me the questions that supposedly license holders ask her, questions that any true license holder would know without thinking like how to hook up a vent and how many elbows can I use  Another question is can I make up my own termination for the fire or I do not need the termination I will make my own  
189 Why did you limit 1 year as minimum choice before compliance? Is there a way to report non compliance? Is there a way to verify validity of contractor's info.being advertised? 
190 If the public doesn't know these requirements, then it won't mean much.
193 Hardware stores of any kind should also sell gas appliances without asking for contractor license requirements!!!! 
194 Small city word of mouth is everything.  No hacks advertise much
195 People seeking to have electrical work done need to have some method to verify the company they are contacting are competent. There are contractors out there using unqualified labor and that is very bad for the trade.
205 I am against any provincially run gas or power provider advertising installation of ac, furnaces, bbqs or any other appliance. This is a conflict of interest. It is an unfair advantage and paid for by the public
207 I believe there should be advertisements made by technical safety to educate the public that they should deal with a licensed contractor and what types of work require permits.
211 I believe it would be positive for businesses because it would help consumers know which businesses are licensed and qualified to do the work required
212 There are many unqualified individuals advertising and soliciting for regulated work. As of today, September 3rd, there are over 30 individuals (Handy persons, Apprentices) offering to do electrical work on Used Victoria who are clearly not qualified. TSBC has been very vocal about the importance of compliance and the penalties for non-compliance with FSRs and Contractors, but I have often wondered what is being done about unqualified individuals offering regulated services. I see this as a first step. Enforcement has to follow otherwise it will be a needless burden on licensed contractors.
217 I (and my previous employer) have been advertising with our contractor # ever since the last time this became a requirement in BC. I don't understand why it was cancelled in the first place. 
220 These changes can bring more professionality and trust to our industry. 
221 The information should direct the public to TSBC, to verify the contractors staus.  NOT Fortis or who ever has the mandate for delivery. 
222 Stay strong, we need more enforcement not less.
229 Nope
230 I've run into enough phony contractors to know that this is an ongoing issue with predatory contractors doing unregulated work, and the customers aren't informed enough not to know any better. Following implementation of this Technically Safety should have its own advertisments giving homeowners more instruction on making sure their contractors are qualified for the work before having  that work done.