Ski Lift Safety

Passenger behaviour is by far the greatest source of lift-related injury in BC, with 60% of incidents resulting from inappropriate or unruly passenger activity.

Here are some simple safety tips for skiers and snowboarders to follow:

  • Leave the bar down until you see the "Raise Restraining Device" sign.
  • Sit back against the back rest while in motion.
  • Put away your cellphone, cameras or mobile devices.
  • Secure your things when you see the "Prepare to Unload" sign.
  • Watch for and follow the signs.
  • Do not lift or leave the restraining bar up while riding.
  • Do not drop things off the chairlift.
  • Do not lean forward or adjust your boots, skis, or snowboard.
  • Do not attempt to touch trees or towers.
  • If you are wearing a backpack, consider taking it off and holding on the front of your body as you sit on the chairlift; straps can get caught in equipment.
  • Keep your safety bar down.
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