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Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Directive: Approved certification marks for gas appliances D-G5 051201 2 12
Directive: Boiler, Pressure Vessel & Refrigeration Contractor Licensing Requirements  D-BP 2019-01
Safety Advisory: Car mover weight transfer system and employees working in between equipment SA-RW 2020-01
Directive: Elevating Devices Mechanic Continuing Education Requirements D-ED 2020-01
Safety Advisory: Risk of uncontrolled movements of improperly secured railway rolling stock SA-RW 2020-02
Directive: Correction of non-compliances for elevating devices D-L4 110303 3 Revision 2
Information Bulletin: Class "PW" Contractor Licence (Rescinded) IB-BP 2019-01
Information Bulletin: Operating safely around underground gas services B-G5 080221 1 Revision 3
Directive: Natural Gas and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations - Gas Safety Regulation Requirements D-GA 2014-03 Revision 2
Safety Order: Fortis BC - Location: Seawatch Neighbourhood, Sechelt B.C. (The Shores – Phase 1 Subdivision) SO-GA 2019-04
Information Bulletin: Maintenance Control Program Transition Plan IB-ED 2019-02
Information Bulletin: Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) IB-CE-2019-01
Amendments to the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation and Adoption of ASME A17.1 – 16/CSA B44 – 16 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators IB-ED-2019-01
Information Bulletin: Adoption of BC Electrical Code, 2018 Edition IB-EL 2019-01
Information Bulletin: Emergency – natural disaster protocol for electrical and gas equipment safety (e.g. – fire, flood, earthquake, landslide) IB-EL/GA 2015-04 01
Information Bulletin: Elevating Devices incident and hazard reporting IB-ED 2017-01 02
Safety Advisory: Securing trains on grades
Safety Advisory: Securement of trains on grades SA-RW 2019-01
Information Bulletin: Training Provider Program Recognition for Class B Apprenticeship Training Programs IB-GA 2019-01
Information Bulletin: Contractor Installation Permit Value Amendment Criteria IB-AT-2019-01
Safety Advisory: Visual verification method to ensure secure coupling of rail equipment SA-RW 2018-01
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway site fall protection verification declaration IB-PR 2018-02 01
Information Bulletin: Class A and B gas fitter - Limited scope of electrical work IB-GA 2018-02
Directive: Safety Standards General Regulation - Electrical work in emergencies D-EL 2018-01
Information Bulletin: Electric vehicle energy management systems IB-EL 2018-01
Information Bulletin: Design registration requirements for static pressure equipment used in oil and gas activity settings IB-DA 2018-01
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway and passenger conveyor contractors' pre-operation inspection declaration IB-PR 2018-01
Information Bulletin: Compliance and Enforcement Program - Maintenance and use of gas appliance records IB-CE 2018-03
Information Bulletin: Notice of Railway Works / Construction or Alteration of Railway Works IB-RW 2018-01
Directive: Gas contractor responsibilities re: gas notification requirements for completion, installation or alteration D-GA-2015-03 03
Safety Order: Escalator and moving walk brake and start-up requirements SO-ED 2018-01
Directive: Special purpose certificate of qualification D-GA-2018-01
Directive: Recognition of training programs under the gas safety regulation D-GA-2018-02
Safety Order: Prohibited installation or use of uncertified gas fireplaces manufactured by Canadian Fire Hearth Mfg. Inc. and Luxor Mfg. Inc. SO-GA 2013-01 03
Information Bulletin: Compliance and enforcement fees criteria IB-CE-2018-02
Information Bulletin: Compliance audits IB-CE-2018-01
Information Bulletin: ThyssenKrupp Elevator 340 machine brake upgrade IB-ED-2018-01
Information Bulletin: Gas installation permit and safety jurisdiction in British Columbia IB-GA-2018-01
Safety Order: Operation of ammonia refrigeration plants in public occupancies SO-BP 2017-02
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - amusement devices IB-AM 2017-01 Revision 01
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - electrical IB-EL 2017-03 Revision 01
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors IB-PR 2017-01 Revision 01
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - gas IB-GA 2017-03 Revision 01
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - boilers, pressure vessels, piping and fittings IB-BP 2017-01 Revision 01
Information Bulletin: Gas contractor responsibility to request Commissioning Approval assessment for specific gas appliances IB-GA 2017-06
Safety Order: Ammonia refrigeration systems in public occupancies SO-BP-2017-01
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway contractors pre-operation inspection declaration IB-PR-2017-03
Directive: Exemptions to public utilities D-EL 2017-01
Information Bulletin: Electrical Safety Regulation application to public utilities IB-EL 2017-04
Directive: Use of jumpers D-ED 2014-02 Revision 3