Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Directive: Gas Contractor Responsibilities Gas Notification Requirements For Completion, Installation Or Alteration D-GA-2015-03 Revision 2
Prohibited Installation or Use of Uncertified Gas Fireplaces Manufactured by Canadian Fire Hearth Mfg. Inc. and Luxor Mfg. Inc. SO-GA 2013-01 Revision 3
Information Bulletin: Compliance and Enforcement Fee Criteria IB-CE-2018-02
Information Bulletin: Compliance Audits IB-CE-2018-01
ThyssenKrupp Elevator 340 Machine Brake Upgrade IB-ED-2018-01
Gas Installation Permit and Safety Jurisdiction in British Columbia IB-GA-2018-01
Safety Order: Operation of Ammonia Refrigeration Plants in Public Occupancies SO-BP 2017-02
Incident and Hazard Reporting - Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors IB-PR 2017-01 Revision 01
Information Bulletin: Incident and Hazard Reporting - Gas IB-GA 2017-03 Revision 01
Incident and Hazard Reporting - Elevating Devices IB-ED 2017-01 Revision 01
Incident and Hazard Reporting - Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Piping and Fittings IB-BP 2017-01 Revision 01
Incident and Hazard Reporting - Amusement Devices IB-AM 2017-01 Revision 01
Information Bulletin: Incident and Hazard Reporting - Electrical IB-EL 2017-03 Revision 01
Approved Certification Marks for Gas Appliances D-G5 051201 2 Revision 07
Gas Contractor Responsibility to Request Commissioning Approval Assessment for Specific Gas Appliances IB-GA 2017-06
Safety Order: Ammonia Refrigeration Systems in Public Occupancies SO-BP-2017-01
Passenger Ropeway Contractors Pre-Operation Inspection Declaration IB-PR-2017-03
Directive: Exemptions to Public Utilities D-EL 2017-01
Electrical Safety Regulation Application to Public Utilities IB-EL 2017-04
Elevating Directive: Use of jumpers D-ED 2014-02 Revision 3
Information Bulletin: Ammonia Leak Detection in Ice Rinks IB-BP-2017-02
Separated boiler vent triggers carbon monoxide leak #II-607706
Propane Facility Operations and Maintenance Procedures D-GA-2017-04
Gas Distribution Systems - Safety and Loss Management System Requirements D-GA-2017-03
Directive: Gas Appliance Approvals D-GA-2017-02
Directive: Requirements for Connection of Fuel Supply to Mobile Units Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicles D-GA 2012-02 2
Directive: Mobile Outdoor Food Service Unit Gas Approval Requirements D-GA-2014-02 Revision 1
Approved Certification Marks for Electrical Products B-E3 071019 3 Revision 07
Deteriorated Escalator/Moving Walk Power Cables & Supervisory Cables IB-ED-2017-05
Zipline riders and guide collide 5620327
Electrical Bonding Requirements For Gas Piping Or Tubing Systems IB-GA 2017-04
Information Bulletin: Propane Vaporizer Emergency Shutdown System Requirements IB-GA 2017-05
Elevating Devices Certified Mechanic Continuing Education IB-ED-2017-04
Elevating Devices Mechanic Certification Program IB-ED-2017-03
Conveyor Safety Order SO-PR-2017-01
Elevating Devices Mechanics In Training (MIT) Certification Renewal Requirements D-ED 2017-01
MCE Unintended Motion Protection – Software alteration required on iControl and Motion 4000 series controllers SO-ED 2017-02
Directive: Qualification of pressure welders D-BP-2017-01
Minimum Requirements Retrofit Of Luminaires To Include The Use Of Light Emitting Diodes IB-EL 2017-01
Approval Of Manufactured Homes And Factory-Built Structures IB-EL 2015-02 Revision 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 26 (Installation of Electrical Equipment) D-EL 2016-01 Revision 2
Minimum Requirements For The Installation Of Step Up – Step Down Single Phase Low Voltage Transformers IB-EL 2017-02
Information Bulletin: Hazards associated with the maintenance of passenger conveyors IB-PR 2017-02
Regulatory Amendments To Various Safety Regulations IB-A1-2017-01
Hazardous Location Requirements – Gas Equipment Installations IB-GA 2013-03 Revision 1
Two Piece Gas Ball Valves - Avoiding Accidental Disassembly IB-GA 2015-01 Revision 1
Pipe Welding Requirements for Gas Installations IB-GA 2014-01 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Coleman Furnace Failures B-G5 070322 1 Revision 2
Pipe sizing and pressure drop requirements IB-GA 2013-01 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Portable Appliance and Fan Equipment Effects on Buildings IB-GA 2013-02 Revision 1