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Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Information Bulletin: Minimum requirements for the installation of step up – step down single phase low voltage transformers IB-EL 2017-02 Rev 2
Directive: Class B gas fitter certification scope of work conditions D-GA 2020-01
Information Bulletin: Minor repair and routine maintenance IB-BP 2020-02
Information Bulletin: Design registration of refrigeration plants and systems IB-DA 2020-01
Information Bulletin: Approved certification marks for electrical products B-E3 071019 3 Rev 8
Information Bulletin: Use of escalator or moving walk handrail sanitizing products IB-ED 2020-06
Information Bulletin: Temporary and permanent services for construction power IB-EL-2016-03 Rev 2
Information Bulletin: Section 2, requirements to de-energize electrical equipment IB-EL 2013-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Pressure welding requirements in BC IB-BP-2020-01
Directive: Correction of Non-Compliances for Amusement Devices D-AM 2020-01
Information Bulletin: Underground installations IB-EL 2020-01
Information Bulletin: Training Provider Program Recognition for Class A Apprenticeship Training Programs IB-GA 2020-01
Correction of Non-Compliances for Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors D-PR 2020-01
Directive: High voltage installations D-E3 090313 1 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 2 general rules D-EL 2016-02 Rev 1
Directive: Safety Standards General Regulation - Electrical work in emergencies D-EL 2018-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Determining minimum service or feeder conductor size for single dwellings and single dwelling units of row housing or apartment and similar buildings IB-EL 2016-07 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 76 – Temporary Wiring D-EL 2016-03 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 4 - Conductors D-EL 2016-04 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Electrical Safety Regulation application to public utilities IB-EL 2017-04 Rev 1
Directive: Supervision requirements under electrical installation permits D-E3 060509 2 Rev 2
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 6 - Services and Service Equipment D-EL 2016-05 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 14 - Protection and Control D-EL 2016-07 Rev 1
Directive: Exemptions to public utilities D-EL 2017-01 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 26 (installation of electrical equipment) D-EL 2016-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: BC Electrical Code Section 76 -Temporary Wiring IB-EL 2011-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Approval of manufactured homes and factory-built structures IB-EL 2015-02 Rev 2
Information Bulletin: Section 4 - Conductors IB-EL 2016-06 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Minimum requirements retrofit of luminaires to include the use of light emitting diodes IB-EL 2017-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Recreational vehicles IB-EL 2015-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Protection of electrical raceways and cables under roof systems and decks IB-EL 2015-05 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: High voltage installations IB-EL 2016-02 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - electrical IB-EL 2017-03 Rev 2
Information Bulletin: Overhead line guidelines B-E3 090312 1 Rev 2
Information Bulletin: Guidelines for determining hazardous area classifications IB-EL 2016-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: New permit category: extra low voltage / low energy decals IB-EL 2013-02 Rev 2
Information Bulletin: Load calculations for row-housing IB-EL 2014-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Section 2 – General Rules IB-EL 2016-05 Rev 1
Directive: Approved certification marks for gas appliances D-G5 051201 2 13
Information Bulletin: Minimum requirements retrofit of fluorescent fixtures B-E3 100224 1 Rev 3
Safety Order: Driving machine brake - electric elevators SO-L1 110225 4 Rev 1
Directive: Mandatory maintenance D-L4 101125 4 Rev 1
List of Alterations: ASME A17.1/B44-2016
Safety Order: Mandatory requirements for the alteration of motion control or operation control SO-ED 2020-01
Information Bulletin: Elevating devices car alterations B-L4 110803 4 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Maintenance and testing requirements IB-ED 2020-02
Information Bulletin: Declarations and request for Acceptance inspection IB-ED 2020-03
Directive: Major and minor alterations D-L4 110803 5 Rev 5
Information Bulletin: Firefighters’  Emergency Operation Testing Requirements IB-ED 2020-04
Safety Order: ThyssenKrupp northern elevator traction sheave brake (sheave jammer) maintenance SO-ED 2012-01 Rev 1