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Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Safety Order: Installation or use of natural gas and propane fireplaces manufactured by Security Fireplaces - models SRGH36, SBGH36, DV73 and DV71 SO-GA 2017-01
Directive: B149.1 & .2 Interpretation, Application and Operation D-GA 2011-01 Rescinded
Directive: Compressed natural gas filling station logbook D-G5 051206 3 Rescinded
Directive: Propane vaporizer approval for BC D-GA 2012-04 Rescinded
Directive: Appliance air intake clearance from regulator / over pressure relief device vent outlet D-GA 2014-04 Revision 1
Directive: Obsolete gas appliance replacement parts/components D-GA 2014-05 Revision 2
Directive: Utilization of gas appliances in show rooms D-GA 2015-02 Revision 1
Directive: Safety Standards Act and gas regulation - Liquid natural gas dispensing site requirements D-GA 2014-01 Rescinded
Directive: Custom built gas fire displays and uncertified outdoor fireplaces D-GA 2015-01 Revision 1
Directive: Filling of propane cylinders at unattended card/key lock only locations D-GA-2015-04 Revision 2
Directive: Requirements for gas appliances in bedroom D-G5 071121 8 Revision 1
Directive: Requirements for installation of gas meters on customer-owned piping system D-GA 2013-01 Revision 1
Directive: Gas appliances in mobile homes D-G5 081117 1 Revision 1
Directive: Guidelines for temporary propane installations D-G5 051206 6 Revision 2
Directive: Terms and conditions for a gas utility operating permit D-G5 070330 4 Revision 2
Directive: Truck to truck transfer of propane D-G5 101230 1 Revision 1
Directive: Responsibilities of building owners and gas contractors D-G5 091104 5 Revision 1
Directive: Gas fired pottery kilns D-G5 051206 5 Revision 2
Directive: Hydrogen regulation under the GSR and PEBPVRSR D-G5 050728 1 Rescinded
Directive: Propane regulator installation D-GA 2012-03 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Transitional requirements under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 for equipment located in pipelines and oil & gas facilities IB-A1-2016-02
Directive: Plastic venting D-G5 070628 5 Revision 5
Directive: Outdoor gas connector and hose requirements D-G5 071106 7 Revision 1
Directive: Propane regulator operational requirements D-GA 2012-05 Revision 1
Directive: Internal combustion engines, turbines, and other prime movers D-G5 070103 1 Revision 1
Directive: Vent and chimney sizing D-G5 071030 6 Revision 1
Directive: Replacement appliance permit decals D-GA 2012-01 Revision 2
Directive: Personnel inspection and maintenance certification requirements for propane storage tanks D-BP/GA-2016-01
Directive: Propane storage tank pressure relief valve servicing and inspection intervals D-BP-2016-01
Information Bulletin: Gas Safety Regulation amendments and new gas safety codes adopted IB-GA-2016-01
Information Bulletin: Pending amendments to the Safety Standards Act under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 IB-A1-2016-01
Safety Order: Service and maintenance of Aerco Benchmark boilers SO-GA 2016-01
Information Bulletin: Procedures for issuing a certificate of inspection following gas or electrical installations or alterations B-G5 E3 040924 3 Rev 1
Directive: Operating permit requirements for propane pressure vessels D-BP-2015-01
Directive: PropressG & MegapressG press connect copper fittings for natural / propane gas systems D-G5 090213 1 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Assembly of Canadian certified portable natural gas and propane barbeques/appliances B-GA 2014-02
Safety Order: Prohibited install or use of Majestic Fireplace direct vent free standing SO-GA 2012-01 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Changes to access dates for online services IB-A1 2013-02 Revision 1 (Rescinded)
Information Bulletin: Changes to gas online permit purchases via BC OnLine IB-A1 2013-01 Revision 1 (Rescinded)
Information Bulletin: Gas venting only qualification IB-GA 2012-02 Revision 1
Directive: Common venting systems for category III or IV gas appliances D-G5 091103 4 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Adoption of 2010 editions of the CSA B149 codes B-G5 110816 2 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Gas product approvals no longer available through BC OnLine and Service BC B-G5 110401 1 Rescinded
Safety Order: Inspection and servicing of Revent gas bakery ovens SO-G5 060829 3
Safety Order: Installation of gas appliances into solid fuel fireplaces SO-G5 051207 1
Information Bulletin: Unsafe Propane Filling Practices Rescinded: B-G5 051206 3 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Nozzle for propane dispensing to private fleets and cylinder filling B-G5 051206 5 Rescinded