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While Technical Safety BC offices are temporarily closed, our phone lines are open at 1 866 566 7233. Our contact centre continues to provide services by email at Safety critical assessments and incident investigations are continuing, as per our mandate. More information here.

Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Correction of Non-Compliances for Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors D-PR 2020-01
Information Bulletin: Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) IB-CE-2019-01
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway site fall protection verification declaration IB-PR 2018-02 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway and passenger conveyor contractors' pre-operation inspection declaration IB-PR 2018-01
Information Bulletin: Compliance and enforcement fees criteria IB-CE-2018-02
Information Bulletin: Compliance audits IB-CE-2018-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors IB-PR 2017-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway contractors pre-operation inspection declaration IB-PR-2017-03 Rescinded
Safety Order: Conveyor safety order SO-PR-2017-01
Information Bulletin: Hazards associated with the maintenance of passenger conveyors IB-PR 2017-02
Information Bulletin: Transitional requirements under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 for equipment located in pipelines and oil & gas facilities IB-A1-2016-02
Information Bulletin: Pending amendments to the Safety Standards Act under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 IB-A1-2016-01
Information Bulletin: Adoption of the CSA Z98–14 Passenger Ropeway and Passenger Conveyor Safety Standard IB-PR 2016-01
Information Bulletin: Work carrier & guarding safety IB-PR 2012-01
Safety Order: Doppelmayr DS series fixed jaw failure SO-PR 2012-03
Safety Order: Leitner Poma detachable installations SO-PR 2012-2
Safety Order: Above surface fixed grip SO-PR 2012-01
Safety Order: Foot passenger loading areas SO-P4 110531 1
Safety Order: Water intrusion safety order for all ropeways SO P4 100708 1
Information Bulletin: Whistler Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola incident – report released B P4 100713 1
Safety Order: Doppelmayr CTEC safety alert bulletin SA-08-021 Wolfurt KD08003E SO-P4 091002 1
Information Bulletin: Maintaining clearances on passenger ropeways to other types of equipment B-P4 090224 1
Safety Order: Inspection requirements for Leitner Poma sheave assemblies SO-P4 081222 4
Safety Order: Inspection of passenger ropeway towers for water intrusion SO-P4 081218 3
Information Bulletin: Adoption of CAN/CSA Z98-07 Passenger Ropeways & Passenger Conveyor Standard B-P4 081009 1
Safety Order: Passengers failing to load or unload from above surface ropeways SO-P4 080122 1
Information Bulletin: Passengers falling from carriers on above surface passenger ropeways B-P4 070301 1
Information Bulletin: Unsafe operation of winch controlled Snow-Cats in the vicinity of passenger ropeways B-P4 061218 2
Safety Order: Visual inspection of Doppelmayr DT-104 detachable grips SO-P4 060117 1
Safety Order: Setup of Mueller deropement switches on combination or "Rosta" sheave assemblies SO-P4 050216 1
Directive: Electrical work not subsumed in passenger ropeway permits D-P3 040826 6