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Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Directive: Boiler, Pressure Vessel & Refrigeration Contractor Licensing Requirements  D-BP 2019-01
Information Bulletin: Class "PW" Contractor Licence IB-BP 2019-01 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) IB-CE-2019-01
Information Bulletin: Design Registration Requirements for Static Pressure Equipment used in Oil and Gas Activity Settings IB-DA 2018-01
Information Bulletin: Compliance and enforcement fees criteria IB-CE-2018-02
Information Bulletin: Compliance audits IB-CE-2018-01 Rev 1
Safety Order: Operation of ammonia refrigeration plants in public occupancies SO-BP 2017-02
Information Bulletin: Incident and hazard reporting - boilers, pressure vessels, piping and fittings IB-BP 2017-01 Rev 1
Safety Order: Ammonia refrigeration systems in public occupancies SO-BP-2017-01
Information Bulletin: Ammonia leak in ice rink IB-BP-2017-02
Directive: Qualification of Pressure Welders D-BP-2017-01 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Regulatory amendments to various safety regulations IB-A1-2017-01 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Transitional requirements under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 for equipment located in pipelines and oil & gas facilities IB-A1-2016-02
Directive: Personnel inspection and maintenance certification requirements for propane storage tanks D-BP/GA-2016-01
Directive: Propane storage tanks with a maximum allowable working pressure of 200 psig D-BP-2016-02
Directive: Propane storage tank pressure relief valve servicing and inspection intervals D-BP-2016-01
Information Bulletin: Pending amendments to the Safety Standards Act under Bill 13 – Safety Standards Amendment Act, 2016 IB-A1-2016-01
Information Bulletin: Design registration – registration process improvements IB-BP- 2016-02
Information Bulletin: Boiler and pressure vessel codes adopted (2016) IB-BP-2016-01
Information Bulletin: New boiler, pressure vessel, and refrigeration codes adopted IB-BP 2015-01
Directive: Operating permit requirements for propane pressure vessels D-BP-2015-01
Directive: Incident reporting requirements with respect to boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration technology D-B6 070101 1 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Design registration – changes to Technical Safety BC application process IB-BP-2014-02
Information Bulletin: Boiler and pressure vessel codes adopted (2014) IB-BP 2014-01
Directive: Application for 3rd Class Power Engineer's Certificate of Qualifications D-BP 2014-01
Directive: Determining the capacity of refrigeration systems D-BP-2013-02
Information Bulletin: Recommended maintenance and inspection for low pressure steam boilers IB-BP-2013-02
Directive: Exemption from registration requirements for Category A, B, C and G category fittings D-BP 2013-03
Directive: Registration and permit requirements for boiler in heating plants D-BP 2013-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Changes to the BC Safety Authority application forms for reciprocal registrations IB-BP 2013-01
Directive: Electrical and gas work carried out by Power Engineers D-BP 2012-02
Directive: Temporary absence of Chief Engineer D-BP 2012-03
Directive: Recognition to administer welder qualification tests D-BP 2012-01
Directive: Inspection requirements for piping systems and piping components D-BP 2011-01 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: New boiler and pressure vessel codes adopted IB-BP 2011-01
Directive: Individuals responsible for operating and maintaining low pressure thermal fluid plants D-B6 100604 2
Directive: Low pressure thermal fluid plant automated control systems D-B6 100604 1
Changes to Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation (PEBPVRSR) B-B1 100308 2
Directive: Staffing requirements under Section 6(F) of the Power Engineer, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation D-B6 070105 2
Directive: Definition of "owner" in the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation D-B6 060426 1
Directive: Hydrogen regulation under the Gas Safety Regulation and Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation D-B6 050728 2
Safety Order: Machine mounted air receivers SO-B6 050530 3
Directive: Calculating the maximum allowable working pressure of lap seam boilers D-B6 050106 1
Information Bulletin: Boiler code standards for steam locomotives B-B1 040930 1