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Safety critical assessments and incident investigations are continuing, as per our mandate. More information here.


Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Revision Date
Directive: Approval of alternative testing for category 5 testing D-ED 2021-01
Directive: Elevating devices maintenance record requirements D-ED 2020-03
Directive: Mandatory maintenance D-L4 101125 4 Rev 1
Directive: Major and minor alterations D-L4 110803 5 Rev 5
Directive: Annual contractor reporting D-ED 2020-02
Directive: Elevating Devices Mechanic Continuing Education Requirements D-ED 2020-01
Directive: Correction of non-compliances for elevating devices D-L4 110303 3 Rev 2
Directive: Use of jumpers D-ED 2014-02 Rev 3
Directive: Elevating devices Mechanics in Training (MIT) certification renewal requirements D-ED 2017-01
Directive: Escalator step - skirt performance index field testing D-ED 2014-01 Rescinded
Directive: Periodic Tests Declarations D-L4 110303 2 Rescinded
Directive: Installation of glass or mirrors on lifts for people with physical disabilities D-L4 110303 4
Directive: Ventilation of hydraulic machine rooms for lifts for persons with physical disabilities D-L4 110303 1
Directive: Incident reporting requirements with respect to elevating devices D-L4 070101 1 Rescinded
Directive: Adoption of B44-07 Safety Code D-L4 101125 5 Rescinded
Directive: Mandatory maintenance D-L4 101125 4
Directive: Installation of glass D-L4 100603 3 Rescinded
Directive: Mandatory requirements for elevator updating or modernization of motion and operation control D-L4 100311 2 Rescinded
Directive: Elevating devices contractor's mandatory maintenance unit list submission requirements D-L4 100222 1 Rescinded
Directive: Safety zone for elevating devices D-L4 090722 2 Rescinded
Directive: Requirements for emergency communication systems for new elevators D-L4 070222 2 Rescinded
Directive: Buried Hydraulic Systems D-L2 060309 2