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Regulatory Notices

Title Ref # Sort descending Revision Date
Safety Advisory: Ministerial Order MO 21-06
List of Alterations: ASME A17.1/B44-2016
Directive: Correction of Non-Compliances for Amusement Devices D-AM 2020-01
Directive: Electrical operating permit requirements D-E3 070801 7 Rev 1
Directive: Natural Gas and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations - Gas Safety Regulation Requirements D-GA 2014-03 Revision 2
Information Bulletin: Whistler Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola incident – report released B P4 100713 1
Information Bulletin: Boiler code standards for steam locomotives B-B1 040930 1
Changes to Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation (PEBPVRSR) B-B1 100308 2
Information Bulletin: Responsibilities of field safety representatives B-E3 060609 1 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Application of polyurethane spray foam insulation on non-metallic-sheathed cables B-E3 070327 1 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Approved certification marks for electrical products B-E3 071019 3 Rev 11
Information Bulletin: Overhead line guidelines B-E3 090312 1 Rev 2
Information Bulletin: Minimum requirements for upgrading of electrical systems B-E3 091214 2 Rev 2
Information Bulletin: Minimum Requirements for Upgrading of Electrical Systems Single Family Dwelling B-E3 091214 2 Rev 02
Information Bulletin: Minimum requirements retrofit of fluorescent fixtures B-E3 100224 1 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Procedures for issuing a certificate of inspection following gas or electrical installations or alterations B-G5 E3 040924 3 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Gas operating permits and requirements for operating permit holders to obtain an installation permit B-G5 041108 4 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Clearance to meter regulator vents B-G5 051206 4 Revision 3
Information Bulletin: Nozzle for propane dispensing to private fleets and cylinder filling B-G5 051206 5 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Gas safety inspection of recreational vehicles B-G5 051206 6 Revision 3
Information Bulletin: Coleman furnace failures B-G5 070322 1 Revision 2
Information Bulletin: Annual servicing for gas appliances B-G5 071019 3 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Gas line pressure regulator sizing requirements B-G5 071108 5 Revision 1
Information Bulletin: Operating safely around underground gas services B-G5 080221 1 Revision 3
Information Bulletin: Gas product approvals no longer available through BC OnLine and Service BC B-G5 110401 1 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Adoption of 2010 editions of the CSA B149 codes B-G5 110816 2 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Assembly of Canadian certified portable natural gas and propane barbeques/appliances B-GA 2014-02
Information Bulletin: Pit drain requirements for new elevators equipped with firefighters' emergency operation B-L4 070222 1 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Otis CT driving-machine outboard sheave shaft bearing lubrication B-L4 090507 1
Information Bulletin: Hydraulic elevators with single bottom cylinders B-L4 101214 1 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Driving machine brake-electric elevators B-L4 110225 3 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Firefighters emergency operations requirements B-L4 110513 2 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Elevating devices car alterations B-L4 110803 4 Rev 1
Information Bulletin: Elevating devices internal cab modernization B-L4 110803 4 Rescinded
Information Bulletin: Unsafe operation of winch controlled Snow-Cats in the vicinity of passenger ropeways B-P4 061218 2
Information Bulletin: Passengers falling from carriers on above surface passenger ropeways B-P4 070301 1
Information Bulletin: Adoption of CAN/CSA Z98-07 Passenger Ropeways & Passenger Conveyor Standard B-P4 081009 1
Information Bulletin: Maintaining clearances on passenger ropeways to other types of equipment B-P4 090224 1
Information Bulletin: BC Hydro: Bus shelters, billboard signage, cable vision and all telecommunications equipment requests BC Hydro Service Change Notice Rescinded
Directive: Safety management hazard categories D-A7 110606 1
Directive: Calculating the maximum allowable working pressure of lap seam boilers D-B6 050106 1
Directive: Definition of "owner" in the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation D-B6 060426 1
Directive: Incident reporting requirements with respect to boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration technology D-B6 070101 1 Rescinded
Directive: Staffing requirements under Section 6(F) of the Power Engineer, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation D-B6 070105 2
Directive: Low pressure thermal fluid plant automated control systems D-B6 100604 1
Directive: Individuals responsible for operating and maintaining low pressure thermal fluid plants D-B6 100604 2
Directive: Inspection requirements for piping systems and piping components D-BP 2011-01 Rev 1
Directive: Recognition to administer welder qualification tests D-BP 2012-01
Directive: Electrical and gas work carried out by Power Engineers D-BP 2012-02
Directive: Temporary absence of Chief Engineer D-BP 2012-03