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Regulatory Notices

Title Sort descending Ref # Revision Date
Directive: Boiler, Pressure Vessel & Refrigeration Contractor Licensing Requirements  D-BP 2019-01
Directive: Buried Hydraulic Systems D-L2 060309 2
Directive: Qualification of Pressure Welders D-BP-2017-01 Rescinded
Amendments to the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation and Adoption of ASME A17.1 – 16/CSA B44 – 16 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators IB-ED-2019-01
Changes to Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation (PEBPVRSR) B-B1 100308 2
Correction of Non-Compliances for Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors D-PR 2020-01
Directive: Adoption of B44-07 Safety Code D-L4 101125 5 Rescinded
Directive: Annual contractor reporting D-ED 2020-02
Directive: Appliance air intake clearance from regulator / over pressure relief device vent outlet D-GA 2014-04 Revision 1
Directive: Application for 3rd Class Power Engineer's Certificate of Qualifications D-BP 2014-01
Directive: Approval of alternative testing for category 5 testing D-ED 2021-01
Directive: B149.1 & .2 Interpretation, Application and Operation D-GA 2011-01 Rescinded
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 14 - Protection and Control D-EL 2016-07 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 2 general rules D-EL 2016-02 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 26 (installation of electrical equipment) D-EL 2016-01 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 4 - Conductors D-EL 2016-04 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 6 - Services and Service Equipment D-EL 2016-05 Rev 1
Directive: BC Electrical Code Section 76 – Temporary Wiring D-EL 2016-03 Rev 1
Directive: Biogas, Digester Gas, and Landfill Gas Facility and Site Requirements D-GA 2022-01
Directive: Calculating the maximum allowable working pressure of lap seam boilers D-B6 050106 1
Directive: Certification and approval marks for gas appliances in BC D-G5 051201 2 Revision 15
Directive: Class B gas fitter certification scope of work conditions D-GA 2020-01
Directive: Common venting systems for category III or IV gas appliances D-G5 091103 4 Revision 1
Directive: Compressed natural gas filling station logbook D-G5 051206 3 Rescinded
Directive: Correction of Non-Compliances for Amusement Devices D-AM 2020-01
Directive: Correction of non-compliances for elevating devices D-L4 110303 3 Rev 2
Directive: Custom built gas fire displays and uncertified outdoor fireplaces D-GA 2015-01 Revision 1
Directive: Definition of "owner" in the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation D-B6 060426 1
Directive: Determining minimum service or feeder conductor size for single dwellings and single dwelling units of row housing or apartment and similar buildings D-EL 2016-06 Rescinded
Directive: Determining the capacity of refrigeration systems D-BP-2013-02
Directive: Electrical and gas work carried out by Power Engineers D-BP 2012-02
Directive: Electrical operating permit requirements D-E3 070801 7 Rev 1
Directive: Electrical work not subsumed in passenger ropeway permits D-P3 040826 6
Directive: Elevating devices contractor's mandatory maintenance unit list submission requirements D-L4 100222 1 Rescinded
Directive: Elevating devices maintenance record requirements D-ED 2020-03
Directive: Elevating Devices Mechanic Continuing Education Requirements D-ED 2020-01
Directive: Elevating devices Mechanics in Training (MIT) certification renewal requirements D-ED 2017-01
Directive: Escalator step - skirt performance index field testing D-ED 2014-01 Rescinded
Directive: Exemption from registration requirements for Category A, B, C and G category fittings D-BP 2013-03
Directive: Exemptions to public utilities D-EL 2017-01 Rev 2
Directive: Filling of propane cylinders at unattended card/key lock only locations D-GA-2015-04 Revision 2
Directive: Gas appliance approval D-GA-2017-02
Directive: Gas appliances in mobile homes D-G5 081117 1 Revision 1
Directive: Gas contractor responsibilities re: gas notification requirements for completion, installation or alteration D-GA-2015-03 Revision 3
Directive: Gas distribution systems - safety and loss management system requirements D-GA-2017-03
Directive: Gas fired pottery kilns D-G5 051206 5 Revision 2
Directive: Guidelines for temporary propane installations D-G5 051206 6 Revision 2
Directive: High voltage installations D-E3 090313 1 Rev 1
Directive: Hydrogen regulation under the Gas Safety Regulation and Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation D-G5 050728 1 Rescinded
Directive: Hydrogen regulation under the GSR and PEBPVRSR D-G5 050728 1 Rescinded