Trampoline park owners and operators - Industry info sheet

Technical Safety BC has been asked to make recommendations to the Provincial Government about whether the trampoline park industry should be regulated in British Columbia.

We are currently completing research and engaging stakeholders to explore aspects of potential regulation, and to determine what measures could help increase safety at trampoline parks and similar facilities.

We want to hear from owners and operators about current safety practices, and what could be done across the industry to help increase safety.

Why is regulation being considered?

Following reports of injuries at trampoline parks, and the fatality in B.C. last year, some health authorities and municipalities have called for regulation of these facilities.

The Union of BC Municipalities endorsed a resolution in September asking the Province to assume regulatory responsibility for trampoline parks in B.C. The primary goal of any potential regulation is to increase public safety.

I own/operate an indoor trampoline park or similar facility such as a ninja gym. What would regulation mean for my business?

This depends the regulation model the Province may consider. In areas that Technical Safety BC currently regulates, oversight includes review of design proposals, installation of equipment, and confirmation of how maintenance and operations requirements will be met. Oversight models could also include assessments of new facilities, periodic inspections, and working with facilities to confirm that appropriate safety management plans are in place. There would be a cost to operators for these services.

How can I provide my input?

We are organizing a workshop on April 9, 2019 to hear from owners and operators of trampoline parks and similar facilities. The workshop will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Technical Safety BC’s offices, Suite 600, 2889 E 12th Ave, Vancouver. Please RSVP for the workshop to and let us know your organization name and who will be attending.

If you are not able to attend the workshop, we invite you to provide your input through a telephone interview between now and April 15, 2019. Please email and provide us with some dates and times when you’re available for an interview. Questions will be provided in advance.

What is Technical Safety BC’s role?

Technical Safety BC is an independent, self-funded organization tasked by the Province to oversee the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment across the province. In addition to issuing permits, licences and certificates, we work with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement, and research.

While we have been asked to provide recommendations related to potential regulation of the trampoline park industry, it is the Provincial Government’s decision whether regulations will be introduced and if so how the industry would be regulated.

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