Trampoline park owners and operators - Public info sheet

Trampoline parks are not currently regulated in British Columbia.

This means there is currently no regulatory oversight of the equipment, facility design, staffing levels, staff training, or other aspects of these facilities. Safety measures are currently the sole responsibility of the facility owners and operators.

Because of reports of injuries at indoor trampoline parks, and a fatality in B.C. last year, some health authorities and the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) are calling on the Provincial Government to introduce regulations for this industry, with the goal of increasing public safety.

The Province has asked Technical Safety BC to conduct research and gather input from operators and users to make recommendations about whether regulation would increase safety. 

We want to hear from trampoline park users to understand expectations for safety, and what safety measures could be applied across all such facilities.

Why is the trampoline park industry NOT currently regulated?

The Safety Standards Act legislation in B.C. covers some of what it calls “amusement devices”, such as rollercoasters, waterslides and ziplines above a certain height, but other amusement rides and equipment, such as trampolines, are currently exempt or not addressed in the law.

How can I provide input?

During the first half of April, we are engaging with school Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) in the Lower Mainland and also setting up engagement stations in public places to talk to trampoline park users, parents of young users, and potential users.

For a schedule of dates and locations, visit If you’re interested in scheduling a session with your PAC, please email

We also have a survey open to all. Complete it here

What is Technical Safety BC’s role?

Technical Safety BC is an independent, self-funded organization tasked by the Province to oversee the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment across the province. While we have been asked to provide recommendations related to potential regulation of the trampoline park industry, it is the Provincial Government’s decision whether regulations will be introduced and, if so, how the industry would be regulated.


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