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State of Safety 2019 Key Initiatives

Key initiatives


Some of the major activities we undertook in 2019 to make British Columbia safer.

State of Safety 2019 - A shift in safety regulation

A shift in safety regulation

An adaptive approach to regulating safety around the changing technology in amusement rides and devices.

State of Safety 2019 - Equipment lifecycle

Equipment lifecycle

It starts with design and manufacturing, continues through to installation, operation maintenance, and finally, disposal.

State of Safety 2019 - Streamlining the certification program

Streamlining the certification program

Minimizing redundant and conflicting processes to unify the standards in our certification program.

State of Safety 2019 - Safety and behaviour change

Safety and behaviour change

Creating and implementing tools and processes to help guide participants to make better safety-minded decisions.

State of Safety 2019 - Connecting to the safety system

Connecting to the safety system

Strategic targeting increased the annual electrical operating permits, bringing more clients into the safety system.

State of Safety 2019 - Targeting high hazards

Targeting high hazards through innovation

Sample plans, using machine learning coupled with our safety officer expertise, were created to identify high hazards.