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State of Safety 2019 Equipment lifecycle

Equipment lifecycle


Safety through the entire lifecycle

Our 2019 Lifecycle Oversight project focused on re-designing a number of tools, methods, and programs to support the installation, operation, maintenance, and disposal stages of the equipment lifecycle.

The project’s objectives were to:

  • Engage partners and participants in the safety system and identify opportunities to improve lifecycle management of technical systems.
  • Identify, develop, and share safety insights to support the implementation of effective maintenance programs that incorporate procedures and training for mitigation of hazards and end of service life strategy.
  • Enhance the safety oversight model for operating systems, including tools, methods, and programs, as well as supporting infrastructure by which we hold duty holders accountable.

To support these objectives, we worked on bettering our resources for those in the elevating and ammonia refrigeration industries.

For the elevating technology, we designed new online tools for maintaining and submitting elevating maintenance control programs. A new online maintenance control program registration and verification process was built into the installation permit inspection process.

These new tools were implemented on April 30, 2020 with the release of the amended Elevating Devices Safety Regulation and adoption of the new CSA B44-16 code. The new features are allowing clients to connect their units with their maintenance control programs more easily, providing a more effective maintenance control program auditing process for our elevating safety officers.

For the ammonia refrigeration technology, we continued to help clients overcome some of the barriers to safety identified in our Fernie incident investigation report.

We raised awareness, provided education, and shared resources about risks associated with aging ammonia refrigeration systems to reduce the potential of ammonia release. Our CEO contacted over 220 Chief Administrative Officers from communities across BC with ammonia release information, and we presented at industry conferences and delivered education to asset owners about supervision requirements and responsibilities. We also consulted with industry stakeholders on our draft Refrigeration Maintenance Guideline.

The 2019 Lifecycle Oversight project helped support the elevating industry and influenced refrigeration facilities to demonstrate safety leadership by assessing and replacing aging equipment in public arenas and rinks, enhancing safety for two critical stages in the technical equipment lifecycle.