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State of Safety 2019 Shift in safety regulation

A shift in safety regulation


Amusement devices have been a part of Technical Safety BC’s oversight for many years. In 2019, our team undertook a comprehensive review of amusement devices regulations in BC and identified areas that could be improved, including clarifying the definitions of amusement rides and devices.

With the balance of amusement, thrill, and safety in mind, Technical Safety BC proposed an updated regulatory approach that featured the adoption of a new safety code (ASTM International F2783-17) for the design, maintenance, and operation of amusement rides and devices.

Technical Safety BC has proposed changes to how we oversee safety for waterslides, ziplines, and roller coasters. Additionally, we’ve proposed introducing safety regulation around new and emerging amusement devices, like trampoline parks.

Industry and public consultation on the proposed changes to amusement ride regulations was carried out from July 17, 2019 to September 30, 2019. Technical Safety BC engaged with over 800 stakeholders, including facility owners and operators, industry associations, interest groups, municipalities, and members of the public.

A survey of 570 members of the public showed that:

  • 81% agree or strongly agree that further regulations are needed around the amusement ride industry in BC.
  • 50% would be willing to pay 5% or 10% more on the price of admission to bring in changes.

Taking the feedback received from both industry and the public into account, Technical Safety BC then submitted recommendations for potential regulation improvements to the provincial government who will ultimately decide whether regulatory changes will be introduced.

As technologies change and new devices come onto the market, safety regulation needs to thoughtfully adapt to reduce hazards and make the public safer,” said Catherine Roome, President and CEO at Technical Safety BC.

A shift in the regulatory approach to amusement rides will ensure that regulations keep up with innovation in the industry, and put new practices, like operational safety management plans, into effect in BC.