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State of Safety 2019 Streamlining certification

Streamlining the certification program


In 2019, Technical Safety BC made enhancements in the electrical field safety representatives and pressure welder certificate of qualification programs. These enhancements created better harmonization across technologies, which improves safety outcomes and the value of our certification program.

The year marked the first certification renewal for electrical field safety representatives (FSRs). The purpose of the renewal is to remove inactive FSRs in our systems, maintain client contact information, and help decrease the chance of fraudulent use of certification.

Renewing certification online was also a new experience for FSRs. The online component of the renewal was introduced to provide FSRs with a straightforward way of submitting their declarations and managing the permits they were named on.

By the end of July 2019, the FSR certification renewal deadline, over 9,345 FSRs had successfully renewed their certification.

Going forward, all electrical FSR certificates must be renewed every three years with proof of continuing education. This requirement was made to ensure FSRs maintain a current knowledge of code and regulatory changes.

Following the success of the FSR renewals, pressure welder certification improvements commenced in late 2019. The changes to the pressure welder program included:

  • updating pressure testing records in logbooks;
  • standardizing pressure welder credentials;
  • requiring practical experience for apprentices; and
  • embedding a process to ensure pressure welders upkeep their skills and competencies.

Working with industry, we designed this nationally recognized pressure welders certificate of qualification program that assesses a welder’s skills and abilities. This certificate of qualification program, which also replaced the BCP-100, ensures all pressure welders in BC have the capabilities that are required by the relevant codes and standards. The certification enables pressure welders to work in various provinces across Canada and ensures only qualified tradespersons are working in their field.

In the next several years, work is being done to streamline and enhance certification programs across technologies.

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