COVID-19 client service update

Safety critical assessments and incident investigations are continuing. Read the latest COVID-19 information.

State of Safety 2019 Managing Safety Risk

Managing safety risks


At the core of the safety system is the infrastructure we have created and the tools we use to manage and improve safety.

State of Safety 2019 Compliance and enforcement

Compliance and enforcement

When work is conducted without the required permits or qualifications, we will take action to ensure safety is a priority.

State of Safety 2019 Inspections


We assess the safety of work through in-person inspections and predictive algorithms to support safety officer decision making.

Codes and standards

To evolve the safety system, we ensure BC's needs are considered during the development of codes and standards.

State of Safety 2019 Education and awareness

Education and awareness

We use our educational and outreach programming to build awareness around hazards and to improve safety-minded decision making.

State of Safety 2019 - Licensing

Licensing and certification

Licences and certification are required for businesses and individuals who install, operate, and maintain regulated equipment.

State of Safety 2019 Permits


The permits we issue provide us with information on the type of regulated work being performed in the province.