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State of Safety 2019 Licensing

Licensing and certification



Technical Safety BC issues licences to contractors and contracting companies who install, operate, and maintain regulated equipment. We issue certificates of qualification to individuals working on regulated equipment. Together, they provide the public with assurances that certain standards of knowledge and proficiency are being maintained around regulated work.

Key statistics


licences issued to contractors and contracting companies


certificates of qualification issued to individuals who completed training

The number of licences issued in 2019 increased by 6% from 2018, with a significant jump in the number of amusement device licences issued of 60%. The increase in amusement device licences issued was due to:

  • increased outreach to owners of inflatable amusement devices regarding the need for a licence;
  • additional inflatable amusement device operators joining the market;
  • additional waterslides in hotels and aquatic centres; and
  • changes in equipment ownership.

Certificate of qualifications increased in 2019 by 4% from 2018, with elevating devices seeing a 20% increase. This is due to an increase in labour market demand and the continued maturing of the elevating devices mechanic certification program, now in its fifth year. 

Note: Railways and Alternative Safety Approaches do not have licences or certificates of qualification and are not reflected in this chart.

New licenses and certificates of qualification by technology

New licenses and certificates of qualification

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