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Technical Safety BC - Annual Report 2019 - Business Performance

Amusement devices consultation

In 2019 we carried out industry and public engagement activities to gather input on the amusement rides regulations.


Throughout the summer of 2019, Technical Safety BC carried out a series of industry and public engagement activities to gather input from owners and operators of amusement ride and device facilities, as well as members of the public on proposed amusement ride regulatory changes.

The engagement activities, which ran from July 17 to September 30, included site visits across the province, webinar information sessions, industry and stakeholder meetings, online surveys and social media advertisements.

Amusement device owners/operators gave input about the following:

  • current risk management practices around equipment and operations;
  • how the costs of regulation might impact their operations and business models; and
  • practically achievable timelines for change implementation.

The public and patrons provided input about the following:

  • willingness to pay more in order to bring in regulation/oversight;
  • expectations and desires around amusement device safety; and
  • levels of support for the proposed regulatory changes.

72 responses from the owner/operator survey showed that:

  • Over 50% of respondents self-identify as owning/operating ropes challenge courses and currently operate under the voluntary industry standard set forth by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). As a result, 50% of respondents are unsupportive or very unsupportive of proposed changes as they would prefer to remain under the voluntary ACCT standard.
  • 31% supportive or very supportive of proposed changes.
  • 63% believe it would take 1 year or less to implement changes.

570 responses from the public survey showed that:

  • 81% agree or strongly agree that further regulations are needed around the amusement ride industry in BC.
  • 50% would be willing to pay 5% or 10% more on the price of admission to bring in changes.

Further information on the proposed regulatory changes in amusement rides, see the full consultation report.