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Codes and Standards
Codes and Standards

Managing Safety Risks: Codes and Standards

Codes and Standards

As a regulator, we ensure British Columbia’s specific needs are considered during the development of technical codes and standards. The insights and knowledge gained from incidents help evolve and strengthen the safety system.

Codes and standards committees

The following is a list of all industry associations and national codes and standards committees in which Technical Safety BC participated during 2020.

Alternative Safety Approaches (ASA)
CSA Z276 Code Committee, Liquefied Natural Gas – Production, Storage and Handling  
Amusement Devices

ASTM F24 – Standards Development for Amusement Rides/Devices (F2783 Standard Practice for Canada Member)

  • ASTM F2959 – Aerial Adventure Course sub-committee
  • ASTM F2783 – Standard Practice for amusement rides in Canada sub-committee
  • ASTM Bungee (in development) 
  • ASTM F2970 – Trampoline Courts sub-committee
  • ASTM F2374 – Inflatable Device sub-committee
Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Refrigeration

Association of Chief Inspectors Main Committee

CSA B51 Code Technical Committee

CSA B52 Code Technical Committee

National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

Standardization of Power Engineers Examination Committee (SOPEEC)

Association of Chief Inspectors Sub Committee

CSA B51 Code Technical Sub Committee

BCIT PAC Committee


Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety (CACES)

CACES Subcommittee on the SPE-1000

CACES Subcommittee on the SPE-3000

CACES Subcommittee on Standard Effective Dates

CACES Subcommittee on Energy Storage Systems

CACES Subcommittee on the Online Sale of Unapproved Products

Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (Inside Wiring Rules) - TC

CE Code, Part I Regulatory Authority Committee – RAC

CSA Part I, Section 10 Subcommittee, Grounding and Bonding - TSC

CSA Part I, Section 22 Subcommittee, Locations in which corrosive liquids, vapours, or excessive moisture are likely to be present

CSA Part I, Section 30 Subcommittee, Installation of lighting equipment - TSC

CSA Part I, Section 34 Subcommittee, Signs and Outline Lighting - TSC

CSA Part I, Section 58 Subcommittee, Passenger Ropeways and Similar Equipment - TSC

CSA Technical Committee on Industrial Products (TCIP)

CSA C22.6 – Electrical inspection code for existing residential occupancies - TSC

UL Standards Technical Panel 8800, Horticultural Lighting Equipment

IEC/TC 11 Mirror Committee – Overhead Lines

International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) –VP, Canadian Chapter; President, BC Chapter

BC Electrical Inspectors Association - member

Elevating Devices

ASME A17.1 Elevator Safety Codes Committee

ASME A17.1 Escalator and Moving Walk Committee

ASME QEI-1 Qualified Elevator Inspector Committee

ASME A17.1 Inspections Committee

ASME A17.1 Regulatory Advisory Committee

CSA B44 Technical Committee

CSA B355 Accessibility Safety Codes Committee

Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, Elevating Devices Sub Committee

Association of Provincial Chief Elevator Inspectors


CSA B149.1 Code Committee, Natural gas and propane installation code

CSA B149.2 Code Committee, Propane storage and handling code

CSA B149.3 Code Committee, Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment

CSA B149.5 Code Committee, Installation code for propane fuel systems and containers on motor vehicles

CSA B149.6 Code Committee, Code for digester gas, landfill gas, and biogas generation and utilization

CSA B108 Code Committee, Natural gas refuelling stations installation code

CSA B109 Code Committee, Natural gas for vehicles installation code

Interprovincial Gas Advisory Council

Natural Gas Transportation Steering Committee

Fuels and Appliances, SSC

CAN/BNQ-1784-000, Canadian Hydrogen Installation Code

CSA Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Systems (PNGIS)

Propane Auto gas Steering Committee

Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee (PTAC) –Gasfitter/Gas Technician Licensing and Certification

BCIT Piping Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

Passenger Ropeways

CSA Z98 Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors Committee

  • CSA Z98 Sub Committee for Detachable Ropeways
  • CSA Z98 Sub Committee for Reversible Ropeways
  • CSA Z98 Sub Committee for Passenger Conveyors
  • CSA Z98 Sub Committee for Surface Ropeways
  • CSA Z98 Sub Committee for Rope Tows
  • CSA Z98 Sub Committee for Secondary Carriers

CSA C22.3 No. 8 Railway Electrification committee

Fire & Life Safety Committee – Broadway Subway Project

Advisory Council on Railway Safety (Canada - National Provincial Representative)

Federal / Provincial Working Group on Railway Safety (Canada)


BC Common Ground Alliance, Board of Directors

Institute of Public Administration of Canada

The Institute for Public Administration Canada – Board member/Secretary

The National Public Safety Advisory Committee (NPSAC) – Vice-Chair

CSA Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 – Policy Advisory Committee – member (* note newly created committee)

CSA Natural Gas Reliability Task Force – member

Standards Council of Canada/CACES – Online Sales Task Force - member

Federal / Provincial Working Group on Railway Safety – member