Hazard Data and Incident Data

As-Found Hazard Data

During each physical assessment of regulated work, safety officers will identify hazards found. These "as-found" hazards reflect what the safety officers discovered when they initially observed the duty holders’ work or equipment and not the condition following completion of the interaction with the safety officer. As-found hazards are important as they provide an indication of how well duty holders independently understand and fulfill their safety obligations under the safety system. Hazard rating assignments range from INSIGNIFICANT to SEVERE.

Hazards identified by our safety officers over the last two years are provided via a downloadable .CSV file.

Year              Hazard Data
2018 To come.
2017 Data Set (.csv)
2016 Data Set (.csv)
2015 Data Set (.xlsx)


Incident Data

Incidents are defined as a failure of a regulated product, work or operation that caused damage or injury. Incidents involving work or equipment regulated by the Safety Standards Act are required to be reported to the appropriate provincial safety manager. Incidents for the previous year, along with full details of our methodology, analysis and trends, are provided in our State of Safety Reports. You can also view a basic summary of incidents reported to Technical Safety BC in previous years below.

Year Incident Data
2018 Incidents - All Technologies except Rail (.csv)  | Incidents - Rail only (.csv) 
2017  Incidents - All Technologies except Rail  (.csv) | Incidents - Rail only (.csv)
2016 Incidents - All Technologies   (.PDF)
2015 Incidents - All Technologies (.PDF)
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