Training Providers for Emergency Entrapment Evacuation

The following firms are approved by Technical Safety BC offer a course on emergency extraction of entrapped persons in elevators, as per Section 24 & 26 of the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation.

This course is typically offered to larger institutions such as hospitals, care facilities, as well as fire departments. Please reach out to the course provider to see if your agency may benefit from this training. Please contact the course provider for dates, fees, etc.

While no formal Technical Safety BC Certificate of Qualification is issued upon completion of the course, the course is mandatory for all persons who do not hold an elevating contractor license and may have need to access the hoistway.

Provider: Apex Elevator Consulting
Course: Rescue of Trapped Passengers
Phone: 1 604 533 4617
Provider: ESI Elevator Solutions Inc.
Course: Elevator Rescue and Firefighters Emergency Operation
Phone: 604 256 8260  Cell:1 604 862 5432
Email:  (Glenn Zolnierczyk CEI, PMP)

Provider: Gunn Consultants Inc.
Course: Emergency Personnel Training – Evacuation Procedures
Phone: 1 604 630 2276

Provider: Vertech Elevator Consulting
Course: Elevator Emergency Evacuation Training
Phone: 1 604 647 4900
Email: (Ray DeMeyer)