Information Bulletin: Elevating Bulletin Hydraulic Elevators with Single Bottom Cylinders



Reference number
B-L4 101214 1

This information bulletin is in regards to Safety Order SO-L1 101214 1, Hydraulic Elevators with single bottom cylinders. This list has been compiled to assist in determining whether a given elevator employs a single bottom cylinder and provides a list of units that are likely to be affected based on age and historical design information to the extent this information is available.

This list is not exhaustive. Check with your elevator maintenance contractor and the original manufacturer of the equipment on your property to assist you in determining what type of equipment you have.

The building owner or property manager must complete a Safety Order Compliance Plan before February 1, 2013.

After the elevator has been retrofited, the building owner or property manager must then advise the BC Safety Authority of their compliance by completing a Safety Order Compliance Notification before October 8, 2015.

Note: There has been media coverage on this issue. For more information, please visit: Feel free to share this link.