Information Bulletin: Gas safety certification of recreational vehicles



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B-G5 051206 6
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Revision 2


When a recreational vehicle equipped with gas appliances is re-sold it is recommended that the gas system and appliances be inspected and certified by a recreational vehicle shop that is licensed by Technical Safety BC. This recommendation applies to private sales and commercial sales regardless of the type of business making the sale. 

Important information

Motor vehicle dealers registered with the Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) are required to ensure that any used recreational vehicle offered for sale has had a recent Propane System Re-certification.

More information is available via this link on the VSA’s website:

This safety inspection will ensure that the gas system is safe, which will help to prevent accidents such as explosions, fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. A re-certification includes a gas system leak test, an examination of on-board appliances, and checks to ensure safe system operation. The licensed shop will apply a decal to the vehicle indicating that the system has been re-certified and complete a checklist indicating the items inspected. This is required regardless of the vehicle’s original certification.

A recreational vehicle which is brought in for repair does not need to be certified and redecalled. However, the shop must record in its log and on a new recreational vehicle form, what work was performed. The log and form are then signed off by the certified gasfitter who performed the work.



Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas



Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation 

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