Sea to Sky gondola collapses due to intentional cut to haul rope



Reference number
II-890649-2019 (#14784)

Incident date: August 10, 2019

Location: Squamish

Damage Description: A haul rope separated and numerous gondola cabins fell to the ground. Some were pulled along the path due to topography or the released energy from the separated haul rope. Numerous cabins were damaged beyond repair. The haul rope came off of the sheave assemblies at numerous towers and was suspended within trees at locations along the length of the gondola path.

Investigation Conclusions: See full details of Technical Safety BC's incident investigation in the report and corresponding Appendix below. 

Please note: Technical Safety BC limited its investigation scope to the technical cause of the gondola haul rope failure. This appended report has numerous portions redacted so that its publication does not interfere with an RCMP investigation into this incident.