Ask an electrical safety officer: Are radiant ceiling heating panels allowed in Canada?


Radiant ceiling heating panels are electrical heating elements that are stapled to ceilings before plasterboard or lightweight ceiling tiles are installed. They are so-named because the generated heat radiates to the walls and the room below.

In 1993 and 1994, the province of British Columbia issued disconnect orders for the following specific types of panel:

  • All Aztec-Flexel panels rated 22 watts per square foot;
  • All Thermaflex panels rated 22 watts per square foot; and
  • All Flexwatt panels type R17C20H240 rated 20 watts per panel section.

In addition, a ban on all new installations of radiant ceiling heating panels over 18 watts per square foot was issued in March 1994. These actions were triggered by a number of fire incidents across Canada that involved these types of panel.

If you have radiant ceiling heating panels installed prior to 1995 you should have them inspected by a licensed electrical contractor. If they are one of the types listed above, have them disconnected from the power source.

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