COVID-19 client service update

Safety critical assessments and incident investigations are continuing. Read the latest COVID-19 information.

Adapting to COVID-19
COVID-19 policies

Regulatory Responsibilities

Regulatory Responsibilities and COVID-19 

Technical Safety BC is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our clients, stakeholders, and employees. We remain in close contact with our safety partners and stakeholders to understand their challenges and needs during these difficult times and support them in meeting their regulatory responsibilities.  

If you own, operate or maintain technical systems and equipment, you are obligated to meet all regulatory requirements for public safety. 

Safety officers continue to perform safety critical assessments as per our mandate, either remotely or in person. 

If you are having difficulty meeting safety requirements, we are here to help. Please contact us if you are unable to meet regulatory responsibilities under the Act, Regulation, and codes that are applicable to you. This includes capacity for enough personnel to maintain compliance to the Act, Regulation, code, and equipment manufacturers’ operations and maintenance requirements.  

If your facility is closing or service is disrupted, please ensure that you follow safety protocols for equipment shut-downs and supervision. 

Review the following safety requirements for each technology below.



Safety regulatory requirements include: 

If product availability becomes an issue due to supply chains impacted by COVID-19, alternative products may be accepted on a case-by-case basis through the variance process.


Safety regulatory requirements include: 

Boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration

Safety regulatory requirements include: 

Elevating Devices

Safety regulatory requirements include: 

Learn more about elevating safety requirements during COVID-19. 

Passenger Ropeways

Safety regulatory requirements include: 

Amusement Devices

Safety regulatory requirements include: 

Safety regulatory requirements include the regulatory obligations outlined within each railway’s safety management system.  


If you have witnessed an incident or hazard that involves regulated work or a regulated product, please report it to us. 

We appreciate your understanding during this time, as well as your commitment to Safe technical systems. Everywhere