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This listing provides contact details for licensed residential, commercial and industrial contractors within the Province of British Columbia.

You may hire the contractor of your choice from this list to install products or provide services. However, we cannot endorse or guarantee their performance. It is your responsibility to interview and select your contractor carefully. One way to help protect your safety and your investment is by asking your contractor to show you valid permits for the work they are performing.

For a list of contractors in a specific city enter the name of the city and click "Search".

If you know the Registration Number of your contractor, enter the last 6 digits of the number into the "Registration Number" box below and click Search. If your contractor's Registration Number contains less than 6 digits, use "0" as the first digits. Otherwise, simply complete any of the fields below, and the list of contractors working in that city or area will be displayed for you.

If you only know the first or last name of a contractor in your city or area, enter the name under Contractor Name in letters, then click Search.

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