Incident Investigations

As part of Technical Safety BC's commitment to share safety information with clients and the public, we have started to publish select incident investigation summaries. The investigations are documented in our enhanced incident investigation report format and organized by technology.

When does Technical Safety BC investigate?
  • When regulated work or regulated equipment is involved
  • When evidence is available to help determine causes and contributing factors
  • Where a learning opportunity exists to understand and document what caused the incident, and to inform prevention of similar incidents.
When does Technical Safety BC not investigate?
  • Where a regulated product or work is not involved
  • Where there is no evidence of regulated equipment being involved, or it has been ruled out.
  • It does not meet the definition of an incident
  • Evidence of cause or contributing factors is poor or non-existent.
Title Ref # Incident Date Technologies Publish Date
Ruptured refrigeration evaporator releases ammonia resulting in extensive area evacuation II-762099-2018 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 19 March 2019
10-year old falls 4-5 metres from triple seat chairlift II-691314-2018 (6506) Passenger Ropeways 1 March 2019
Nine year old skier fall 8 metres from quad chair seat II-674088-2018 (6507) Passenger Ropeways 1 March 2019
Worker's arm and hand crushed between elevator sheave and ropes II-705415-2018 (#7630) Elevating Devices 1 March 2019
Gas leak caused by screw penetrating copper tubing when house was constructed II-752719-2018 (#8908) Gas 1 March 2019
Armoured cable entered into energized electrical panel causes electrical fire in load centre II-760614-2018 (9226) Electrical 4 February 2019
Appliance piping connection breaks loose causing gas leak and ignition II-733176-2018 (8294) Gas 4 February 2019
Escalator pile up caused by misaligned steps II-663369-2018 (6287) Elevating Devices 4 February 2019
Commercial coffee roaster catches fire due to failed exhaust fan II-722323-2018 (8074) Gas 4 February 2019
Catastrophic tube failure engulfs boiler building in high temperature steam II-757086-2018 (9144) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 4 February 2019
Drilling at construction site hits two high voltage lines causing power loss II-762488-2018 (9225) Electrical 4 February 2019
Failure of power bar causes burning and heat damage II-777900-2018 (9828) Electrical 4 February 2019
Elevator emergency exit drop ceiling panel comes loose, falls and injures occupant II-684356-2018 Elevating Devices 4 December 2018
Main fuse at educational facility opens under short circuit condition II-613449-2017 Electrical 4 December 2018
Incorrect installation causes electric appliance in commercial car wash to ignite II-680863-2018 Electrical 4 December 2018
Travelling amusement ride loaded incorrectly II-690797-2018 (7294) Amusement Devices 4 December 2018
Delayed ignition in direct vent fireplace causes front glass to shatter II-727632-2018 (#8165) Gas 4 December 2018
Equipment failure shatters fireplace glass panel II-651245-2018 Gas 4 December 2018
Lack of anti-vibration clamps cause metal fatigue and cracking leading to ammonia leak at refrigeration plant II-740302-2018 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 4 December 2018
Operator investigates gondola that developed problems during test-run II-655223-2018 (5985) Passenger Ropeways 3 December 2018
Unsecured grip causes chairlift to slide backwards on an incline II-736022-2018 Passenger Ropeways 3 December 2018
Temporary construction heater connected to an extension cord in a single-family home catches fire II-651246-2018 Electrical 7 November 2018
Failure of underground high voltage cable termination causes partial power outage to private utility II-667666-2018 Electrical 5 November 2018
Multiple steps collide to activate 'missing step' switch and halt escalator II-663374-2018 Elevating Devices 5 November 2018
Poor oil flow and lack of lubrication in negative temperatures leads to gearbox failure on ropeway II-663376-2018 (6244) Passenger Ropeways 5 November 2018