Hire a licensed contractor

Hire a licensed contractor


Building a new home? Thinking about renovations?

Whether you are building a new home or doing renovations that involve gas or electricity, don’t try to do it all yourself. Gas and electrical projects done without properly trained and certified experts can create safety hazards that may put your family and your investment at risk. If you are upgrading your home, make sure that your investment includes safety insurance - have the work completed by a contractor that has been licensed by Technical Safety BC.

What kind of work requires a licensed contractor?

  • Any electrical wiring work including installation of hot tubs, gas fireplaces, water heaters, furnaces, ranges or cooktops, gas barbeque piping.

The benefits of a licensed contractor

  • They know all the legal requirements pertaining to regulated gas and electrical work and have the training and expertise required to do the job safely
  • They will obtain the required permit(s) on your behalf and make sure the work meets all code requirements
  • They will manage the inspection process and repair all deficiencies
  • When the time comes to sell your house, buyers, realtors and lenders may require proof that all regulated gas, boiler, and electrical work was done with permits to help ensure the house is safe for future occupants.

Find a licensed contractor in your area

  • Use our web search tool
  • Call us at 1.866.566.7233.
  • Note: The above services provide contact information for licensed contractors only; we do not provide recommendations, nor does a licence guarantee the quality of the work. Always ask your contractor for references and permit numbers.
  • Concerned about work you've had done? Report an Incident or Hazard to Technical Safety BC (Note: We do not regulate permits and inspections for all gas and electrical work in the province. In some cases this is the responsibility of the City. Check the Jurisdiction listing).


Doing the work yourself? 

Building your home, doing home repairs or renovations, can be a challenging task. We are here to help you determine that your work is safe and compliant to the codes in BC. We’ll check to make sure that you have sufficient knowledge and/or experience to do the work properly and safely. And, we'll issue a permit that signifies that you have met the requirements to do the home renovations. We’ll also complete a physical assessment of your work. You can apply for homeowner electrical and gas permits online.