Railway Supervisor Transfer Process

Whenever a supervisory change occurs on a provincial railway operation, it may create a gap in safety. For this reason, whenever a change in supervision occurs on a provincial railway, Technical Safety BC requires that the railway consult and follow the process below for Railway Supervisor Transfer.

When must this be followed?

Whenever a supervisor who is responsible for a railway’s Safety Management System (SMS) is replaced.

What is required?

The incoming supervisor must:

  • Be made aware of the railway’s SMS;
  • Be made conversant with the SMS document;
  • Contact Technical Safety BC as soon as possible to report the change and establish the new relationship;
  • Enter into a training program that provides them with a thorough understanding of railway operations;
  • Develop a clear understanding of the railway’s safety history;
  • Develop a clear understanding of the railway’s compliance history; and
  • Develop the ability to understand railway accidents and incidents.

The competent and qualified supervision of railway employees is the foundation of railway safety. Supervisors who have not been trained or provided with the knowledge to manage railway safety are a risk to safe railway operations. If a railway is replacing a supervisor, completing the above tasks will help them quickly establish an understanding that will allow them to perform their duties.

Failure to follow this process may lead to the termination of an annual audit, which may result in enforcement action against the railway.