Advertising Guidelines for Licensed Contractors

Display Your Contractor Licence Number

Licensed contractors in electrical, gas, elevating devices, and boilers, pressure vessels and refrigeration are required by the Safety Standards General Regulation to add their Technical Safety BC licence number to all digital and print advertising. Adding your licence number to physical assets (such as vehicles or storefonts) is not required but is highly encouraged. Contractors should include their licence number in the following format: TSBC LXX1234567.

Adding your licence number has multiple benefits:

  • It demonstrates that you’re a qualified contractor,
  • It provides us with additional ways to investigate and enforce against unlicensed workers who are promoting illegal work, and
  • It helps the public understand who they can trust to perform services safely.

The public can also verify a contractor's licence through our online Find a Licensed Contractor tool.

Show That You're a Pro With a Technical Safety BC Badge

To help make it easier for the public to distinguish licensed contractors from unqualified workers or “trunk slammers”, we've created a Technical Safety BC digital badge specifically for licensed contractors to display.

The badge is editable so you can add your own licence number and it can be used anywhere that you advertise. For a reminder on where you are required to include your licence number in your advertisements, please consult our Advertising Guidelines

Conditions of Use

This badge is the property of Technical Safety BC. You are provided with the limited right to use this badge, under the following conditions:

  • You must not alter the badge in any way other than adding your licence number.
  • You may only use this badge while you have a valid, active licence and must include your licence number when displaying the badge. If your licence expires or is suspended or cancelled, you must immediately remove this badge from all locations.

Download the TSBC Badge

Choose from one of the six badge styles below and click to download. For each design, you will receive a zip file with a few file options to use including an editable PDF (use with Adobe Acrobat Pro), an Illustrator file (use with Adobe Illustrator), and a logo image file (PNG). You can choose to edit the files yourself, but if you’re planning to put the badge on a storefront or a vehicle, we recommend working with a printing company. When using the Technical Safety BC badge, it must be:

  • accompanied by your TSBC licence number (see examples below);
  • used with either the black logo with white background, white logo with black background, or white logo with blue (#00497b) background;
  • in black or white lettering, so the licence number is clearly visible;

While you may resize the badge based on your advertising requirements, the logo must not be altered, obstructed, or covered in any way.


Technical Safety BC is providing this badge as a public service. The use of the badge carries no guarantee of any kind, express or implied. Technical Safety BC does not endorse, recommend, or control businesses that use the badge, and accepts no responsibility for their legitimacy, views, or quality of service.

Technical Safety BC is not liable for any damages to any person or business entity because of using the badge, or any business or person who uses it.

View the Guidelines

For more information on our expectations regarding the placement of the licence number in various forms of advertising, see our advertising guidelines.


Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides details on the recommendations associated with the new regulation.

Find a Licensed Contractor

If you're looking to hire a licensed contractor, look up their licence number or company through our Find a Licensed Contractor tool to ensure they have a good record. This registry provides the contact details for contractors licensed to perform regulated work in BC within our jurisdiction, as well as any enforcement action on their record since 2022.


Additional Resources