Child not securely loaded in moving ropeway carrier seat

Incident Investigation

Child not securely loaded in moving ropeway carrier seat

February 28, 2019

Passenger Ropeways

Reference Number:

II-817415-2019 (#11157)

First aid report describes injury to left hand with no bleeding, no deformity, no point tenderness, no issues with range of motion of the hand, no issues identified with circulation motor sensory checks. The 8 year old sustained no significant injuries.

At the bottom station loading area a child passenger was unsuccessful in securely loading themselves onto the moving carrier seat. An adult passenger on the same carrier held on to the child’s arms as the carrier progressed up the ropeway lift line. The ropeway was stopped by the bottom station attendant with the carrier located approximately 2 carrier lengths from the outgoing end of the bottom station (outside of fenced low clearance perimeter area). The adult was now hanging on to the child’s arms and the child was dangling from the carrier. A group of youths, that were nearby, assembled a makeshift fall protection net using a tower pad and snow fencing, and then positioning it under the dangling passenger. The passenger then dropped, approximately 5m (distance from the bottom of their feet), into the make shift fall protection net.

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