Damage to splashdown waterslide lane intake grate

Incident Investigation

Damage to splashdown waterslide lane intake grate

September 7, 2019

Amusement Devices

Reference Number:

II-903655-2019 (#15164)

Location: Burnaby

Regulated industry sector: Amusement Devices - Waterslide



Qty injuries: 0

Injury description: none

Injury rating: None


Damage description: Damage to splashdown lane intake grate

Damage rating: Minor

Incident rating: Minor

Incident overview

Prior to operation for the public, waterslide pump was turned on by the top attendant. The attendant made her way to the top of the slide, and launched a guest into the waterslide.

The water level and location of the water transition area in the shutdown lane were inadequate for safe operation, and the guest slid through the shutdown lane. The guest stopped when he came into contact with the water intake grate, located at the end of the shutdown lane.

Investigation Conclusions

Site, system and components

The waterslide pump delivers water to the top of the slide. In this configuration, water travels down the flume and collects in a shutdown lane. Members of the public riding the slide start at the top and are slowed and then stopped in a pool area with a pre- determined water depth and predetermined water transition area. A transition area is the point at which the flowing water delivered by the flume flows into the pooling water of the shutdown lane.

Water levels of the shutdown lane and location of the transition area are marked at time of commissioning by the manufacturer. When water is at those levels and locations, all public come to a complete stop in a safe manner and are able to exit the waterslide.

Failure scenario(s)

An operating attendant turned on the waterslide pump at the switch located in the lifeguard control room. The attendant then proceeded up the stairs to the rider dispatch level and failed to visually confirm safe water level had been achieved before dispatching a member of the public.

Facts and evidence

Safety Officer review of documentation:

· Confirmed, post incident, that the waterslide system functions as designed.

· Confirmed splashdown lane monitoring is adequate, and functions as designed.

· Confirmed adequate training is in place for safe operation of the waterslide.

· Training records confirm that attendant had received adequate training.

· Pictures (Photo 1 and Photo 2) supplied by the duty holder indicate that the member of the public was dispatched by the operator prior to the shutdown lane water levels being reached.

· Incident report supplied by duty holder indicates that the member of the public was dispatched prior to shutdown lane water levels being reached.

Causes and contributing factors

It is highly likely that inattention to water levels prior to dispatch of a member of the public, led to a person making contact with the intake grate located at the end of the shutdown lane.

Photo 1: Still from video at time of dispatch, showing water level below the white line that marks safe water level. White line is visible at the end of the shutdown lane.

Photo 2: Still from video as member of the public enters the shutdown lane. Water level is still below safe operating level.

Photo 3: Damage to intake grate as a result of member of the public contacting the end of the shutdown lane.