Fire starts from overheated electrical distribution panel board

Incident Investigation

Fire starts from overheated electrical distribution panel board

April 30, 2018


Reference Number:

II-682766-2018 (#7048)

Failure scenario

A 100amp sub-distribution panel board with power supply feeder conductors loosely connected to this panel board 3-phase bus bars and its conductor termination lugs overheated and failed to carry the amperage of connected distribution loads resulting in an electrical fire. Foreign cardboard paper had been installed and caught fire inside panel board between bus bars, conductor terminal lugs and the inside backboard of metal panel board enclosure. Fire initiated due to the heat from the equipment loads connected to loosely connected and overheated feeder conductors and its terminal lugs.

Damage description

Electrical sub-distribution panel board and its electrical equipment components of conductors, bus bars and over-current devices (breakers) damaged from fire contained inside panel board enclosure.

See attached PDF for full details.

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