Flammable Materials Near Baseboard Heater Leads to Fire

Incident Investigation

Flammable Materials Near Baseboard Heater Leads to Fire

December 8, 2023


Reference Number:

II-1648621-2023 (#42362)

Location: Ladysmith

Regulated industry sector: Electrical – Low voltage electrical system (30V to 750V) 

Incident overview

An electrical baseboard heater was identified as the probable cause of a fire that started in the bedroom of a family home. The fire damaged the walls and floor of the room and spread through a floor vent into the basement of the home. The family dog perished as a result. The 1000-watt baseboard heater was mounted directly behind a disconnected floor vent that led to the basement, where empty plastic bottles were stored. Flammable material came into contact with the heater and ignited, with the fire spreading to the stored empty plastic bottles.

As standard best practice, flammable materials should not be placed near heaters.

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