Glass blows out of front of fireplace

Incident Investigation

Glass blows out of front of fireplace

February 28, 2020


Reference Number:

II-925840-2019 (#15686)

The front glass panel of the direct vent fireplace shattered and glass pieces flew about 6 ft to where they made contact and left small gouges on the front of the piano and on the floor in front of the piano. The metal at the back of the fireplace burner compartment fractured and metal pieces fell into the burner compartment. The direct vent fireplace cannot be used or repaired.

The owner of the dwelling unit attempted to ignite her direct vent fireplace by switching on the fireplace’s remote switch that is located on the wall to the right of the fireplace. After a brief time she noticed that the fireplace’s burner had not ignited. She went over to the remote switch and switched it off and on again where upon the glass blew out of the front of the fireplace striking her piano and floor.

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