Miniature Train Car Derailed

Incident Investigation

Miniature Train Car Derailed

March 29, 2024

Amusement Devices

Reference Number:

II-1691775-2024 (#45324)

Location: Vancouver
Regulated industry sector: Amusement Devices – Amusement ride


Incident overview

A car on a miniature railway amusement attraction derailed, damaging several track ties and the brake linkage on the bogey wheel as a result of the impact. The incident occurred without passengers aboard as the train was being put away at the end of the day. The bogey wheels and carriage frame derailed, turned sideways, and dragged across the tracks approximately 30 feet during the incident.

Investigation into the incident found that the unworn bogey wheels, track conditions, the unloaded train car, and the speed of the train in unison may have contributed to the train car derailment.

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