Minor arc damage to cover and panel case

Incident Investigation

Minor arc damage to cover and panel case

July 9, 2019


Reference Number:

II-877906-2019 (#14224)

The main service is located in a small utility room in the basement. The building is older and has been renovated a number of times. The economy of space has made changes and additions difficult to execute in this room. The result is a very full utility room with very little working room.

Failure scenario(s): The building is older and has a large footprint. The building service is 200 amps single phase fed underground to the backside of the building. There has been a number of renovations to the building over the years. The main service panel is located too high. To remove the top panel cover a ladder is required to access the screws. The compact space in the utility room makes the positioning of the ladder in such a way that an individual is standing in an awkward position to remove the cover. This top panel cover has very little clearance from the bus due to the cover design. Tilting the cover more than ¼ inch would cause the cover to contact the bus.

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