Rider loses control of bobsled, breaks clavicle

Incident Investigation

Rider loses control of bobsled, breaks clavicle

February 25, 2016

Amusement Devices

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Incident overview

One person was riding a sled down a fixed course. The person tried to steer the sled and lost control. The person entered a curve on the course in the wrong position and the person and the sled flipped on to their side. The person’s right shoulder made
impact with ice surface of the course.

Regulated industry sector

Amusement Ride


Whistler, BC

Investigation conclusions

Site, system and components

The person was riding a sled on a sloped refrigerated ice course at a sliding facility. The course has a series of banked corners. The passengers are given instructions to not
attempt to steer the sleds. The sleds are designed to be rode face first down the track.

Failure scenario(s)


Facts and evidence


Causes and contributing factors



  • Injury
    • Qty injuries: 0
    • Injury description: One person sustained a broken clavicle.
    • Injury rating: Moderate
  • Damage
    • Damage description: None
    • Damage rating: None

Incident rating


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