Travelling amusement ride loaded incorrectly

Incident Investigation

Travelling amusement ride loaded incorrectly

May 19, 2018

Amusement Devices

Reference Number:

II-690797-2018 (7294)

Incident overview

31 passengers were on a ride that only has capacity for 30 people, therefore one passenger was without a position on the ride. Operator then started ride. Passengers informed operator immediately, that a passenger on the ride did not have a position and not secured by safety restraint. Ride was immediately stopped.

Regulated industry sector

Amusement Devices – Amusement ride


Kelowna, BC

Investigation conclusions

Site, system and components

Succeeding the loading of no more than 30 new passengers, the operator must ensure all riders have a position (cell) and each individuals safety restraint is secure. Once operator has verified everyone on ride is correctly positioned they may begin ride operation.

Failure scenario(s)

Person entered or remained on ride without operator knowledge. Operator then loaded 30 new passengers leaving insufficient positions available. One passenger was left in the aisle searching for an available space when ride started. Once operator was aware of situation ride was stopped immediately.

Facts and evidence

As reported by a phone conversation with the stranded rider:

  • Informed by another passenger they were not meant to be on ride
  • Operator did diligently count 30 riders as they were loaded on ride
  • Operator did not ensure all riders were in position and safety restraint secured.

A statement by the Operator:

  • Riders screamed at him to stop the ride once he initiated ride
  • Stopped ride immediately and noticed a passenger standing on walkway
  • Repositioned ride to unload and escorted extra passenger off As reported by conversation with management:
  • Customers were complaining that operator was being ornery earlier in the day

They worked with the operator to display a mannerly method of ride operation prior to the incident

Causes and contributing factors

It is likely the operator did not complete all the administrative controls required prior to starting the ride allowed an excessive amount of passengers. The unsecured passenger not informing the operator no position available was a contributing factor.


  • Injury
    • Qty injuries: None – 1
    • Injury description: Traumatized
    • Injury rating: Insignificant


  • Damage description: None
  • Damage rating: None
  • Incident rating: Insignificant
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